Sunday, June 29, 2014

Staying on the Right Path

The believer's life is like a race with a path and a finish line. The end of it is eternity.  Each child of God has a personal route designed by the Lord. The goal is to stay on that path, but it can only be walked best by focusing on Jesus. He walked it first perfectly to show us the way.

Our path is full of obstacles that may trip us up or sidetrack us. Temptations lure us to what we may see as a better way, busyness can lead us down rabbit trails that only exhaust us. Worry and our emotions may take hold of our minds and take us places our Lord doesn't intend for us to go.

Anything that we may put first before our seeking the Lord and His guidance  may send us down the wrong path. Although our family, jobs and other things we are involved in my be necessary, it may distract us from our desire to follow God's path for us. 

Our goal is not to focus on the path but to keep our eyes on our Lord, He is our guide, our light for our path that leads to Him. Inspiration from "In tough" magazine and the Bible

Have a Blessed Sunday!



  1. Thank you for this message today, Sylvia. It spoke to me! I hope you and your hubby have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.

  2. Sylvia,
    Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!!


  3. Hello Sylvia!
    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing it with us. Much food for thought.
    Praying you and your husband are doing well.
    Much love, Debbie

  4. Enjoyed your post Sylvia. Hope you had a lovely weekend and that your husband is feeling better.
    Blessings and sunshine, Valerie


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