Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flowers and Tea


When I heard  the weather report yesterday I thought of my hanging and pot plants.  It was going to be 38 degrees.  I have truly enjoyed them on my back covered patio this summer.

My iceberg roses have been pretty since the weather turned cooler.  I cut a bouquet and took them inside.
I found this pitcher at a goodwill store and it makes a good flower vase.
I made myself and my musical doll, my friend had given me, a cup of peppermint tea.
My teacup is just  a regular cup with pretty pink and rose color roses on it.
I made some chocolate covered cookies.  Just break graham crackers into small pieces then
spread peanut butter on them and dip in melted chocolate.  It only takes a few minutes and
they are ready to eat! So simple and yummy!
It was 38 degrees this morning, the lowest so far, and very windy due to Hurricane Sandy.  My
plants were OK this morning.  I was thinking the cold might get them.


I pray that everyone is safe this morning after the storm last night.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


What is a home?
Is it a roof over your head to keep out the rain?  Four walls to ward off the biting wind?  A floor, a door, windows?  A  home is a baby's smile, a mother's song, a child's laughter, a father's protection.  It is the warmth of loving hearts, the light in joyful eyes, friendliness, faithfulness, cameraderie, and love.  A home is the first school and the first church that a child knows.  It is here that she learns what is good, and precious, and right.  Here each family member can find comfort when life hurts them.
A home is where joy and sadness are shared, where love and respect are found, here friends are always welcome.  Here the most simple meal is a banquet fit for royalty because it was honestly earned and prepared with love.  Most of all, home is a place where family worship links hearts inextricably to each other and to God.  And that is where God gives His blessings.
(taken from an article on the "Family" in the book "Promises From God")
To me Home is all these things, the love and care we have for each other.  The warmth in our hearts when we think of a loved one, how it brings a smile to my face.
As a wife, mother, and grandmother,  I love to cook and bake for my family.
Here is one of the easiest recipes I have found for a cake. So easy and good.


All you need is a can of crushed pineapple and a box of Angel Food cake mix.  Mix them together
and bake in a bunt pan for 30 minutes until done. (time depends on your oven)

I happened to have strawberry and chocolate ice cream.  It would have tasted  like a banana split
if I'd had some banana's.

And what's better than a plate of ice cream and cake?

Answer:  Two plates of ice cream and cake...well,,, the second plate was for my husband.
Love these plates I found at a thrift store for almost nothing!
This is the stamp on the back of the plates.
                        Open House

Monday, October 22, 2012

Time out forTea!

One of my favorite things to do is take my granddaughter, Morgan, to tea at one of our
local tearooms.
This was a few weeks ago when she was on Fall break from school.  We spent the afternoon together,
first Tea at The August Moon and then shopping.  The tearoom has a thrift shop in another
area inside it.
I love the teacup!

We had Caramel Chocolate Truffle Tea!
Oh my, the Almond Chicken Melt was so heavenly!   I always have the broccoli salad and fruit cup
to go with my meal.
Love how Ms. Maggie cut out the bread in the shape of a pumpkin.  She usually cuts a slice of bread out with a teapot cookie cutter then spreads melted butter and sprinkles a little sugar on it,
then bakes it at 350 degrees until it is looks like this.
Don't you just love the teapot salt and pepper shakers!  Did you notice that the napkin ring
is a tiny painted flower pot!

The Tea Room is decorated so pretty with hats and teapots everywhere!
So many vintage items makes it feel like "a different time and place".

Of course on that day it was full of Red Hat Ladies.
We really enjoy our time together and now we're waiting on the opportunity to go again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Camping Trip

My grandchildren were out of school last week for Fall Break, on Tuesday I took my granddaughter,
Morgan, to lunch at the Tea Room in the nearby town.  I didn't have an orange teapot and was
so delighted when I found this one in the gift shop of the Tea Room.
Last Friday my hubby and I decided to take our small vintage camper to the state park where we
were going to have a family reunion on Sunday.  The weather was perfect, so cool and breezy.
So I packed up my little orange teapot and cups along with a few other fall items, and we headed
out for the park.

This is our 1969 Frolic....it's cozy but somewhat comfortable.


I set up the table with my little orange teapot and some of the other items I had brought.
We decided to eat outside since the weather was so nice.  I had made homemade
chicken salad to bring along.  This is my hubby, he was hungry but was so sweet
to wait for me to take a picture.

Along with our lunch we had iced sugar cookies, perfect for a fall day. 


We ate a lot in those three days.
My son-in-law made me this sign for Christmas one year, he heard me say that I wanted one
and was going to make one myself but a lot smaller.  I sure was excited when I opened
my gift and saw this, he did a good job and made it to resemble our camper.
On Saturday my two oldest grandsons drove up to visit us and we took them to the Nature Center
near the state park.  This is a black bear that was at the back of his area.  Johnathan asked me
"How do you call a bear,Grandma" and I said that I didn't know, maybe you just said "Here bear".
Well that bear turned around and came right up to where we were.  Johnathan kept calling me the
bear whisper after that.
We never get tired of going to the Nature Center and seeing all the animals.  Here is a cougar, red tail hawk, and a couple different owls.
Hope you are enjoying the outdoors on these cool fall days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Breast Cancer Month





October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but for us that has had someone near and dear to us with breast cancer, we are always aware of the effects of it.  It's hard for me to talk about it, It always brings tears to my eyes.  September 2,1980 my mother lost her battle with it  and  passed away just 2 months before she would have turned 61.  But praise God she is with Him in heaven and is free from all the hurts and pain.  I want to honor her, she taught me to have faith and always strive to live a life that would please God.  I was so blessed to have her as my Mother.
    Bernideen's Tea Time "Friends Sharing Tea" 

Monday, October 8, 2012



For the last 5 years, my three girls, granddaughter and myself  have gone on a retreat.
We enjoy a time of quiet and relaxing from all the duties of being parents and a grandparent. We
allow Morgan, my almost 14 year old granddaughter to come along, she's always been a quiet  and
mature child. Next year my other granddaughter Anna will be 11 and will go with us.  This year we
chose Savannah and Tybee Island as our getaway place.   We stayed on Tybee Island.  I'll give you a
tour of some of the things we did.
Here we parked on Bay Street and walked down the cobble steps to River Street. I love the moss covered trees that are all over Savannah.
As we walked along River Street the Georgia Queen Riverboat came by.  It is a tour boat. Even though I have been to Savannah many times and have family here I have never taken the tour on it, but would love to, maybe on our next trip.
Morgan took this of us as we were about to go into the River House Restaurant.  We had been walking and going in and out of stores for some time now and was getting hungry.
  It's a great place to eat!

After a great meal of  fresh seafood, we had to go into the River Street Sweets Candy store. There they were making Taffy.. Our eyes were on the Chocolate's insead of taffy!.
I love all the buildings and beautiful homes, we didn't tour the city this time..  A couple years ago when I was there with a friend, we took the trolley tour. Here is a couple pictures I took then.

These are the steps that go up to the Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn where we stayed in 2010.

The Beeches were beautiful on Tybee Island where we stayed, right on the Atlantic Ocean. The birds
seemed to be having fun too, guess they were hoping for some crumbs from the beach goers.
When we booked our retreat we didn't know there would be a Pirate Fest going on.  We did go to it
and enjoyed the festivities!
This Pirate Lady was doing an act with a sword.
The picture in the middle of the college is a basket used as a shade on the light hanging
from the ceiling of "The Crab Shack" where we ate Saturday night.I thought that was
neat and creative.
A man walking by saw us taking pictures and offered to take ours together so we
could all be in it.  That was so nice of him.

As our long weekend came to a close we talked about how much we loved spending
this time together...all the food we ate and how long it would take to get the extra pounds off
how hard it was to say goodbye to a town and place we love. Back to reality and
and families until next year.
I do hope you had a great weekend.  I am so blessed to be able to spend time
with my girls!
Thanks for your comments.  I read everyone.