Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tea Break

Better to be deprived of food
for three days
than of Tea for one.
 ~Chinese Proverb~

 Today I am using my new teacup for my morning tea break.
It's a little smaller than a regular tea cup but larger than a
demitasse cup.
 I think it is so pretty with the flower inside the cup.

 The back stamp is Hammersley & Co.
Bone China
Made in England

 I love the soft blue on the plate, and gold trim.

Do you ever mix tea flavors?
I sometimes like to add mint to mine.
Today I added a bag of peppermint to my
Green Tea. I always try to have some since my granddaughters love peppermint tea.

One day when I was at the grocery store, looking
in the refrigerated section, where the croissants are,
I couldn't believe what I saw, ready made, strawberry scones. I bought a pack to try. They were really good, maybe not as good as homemade,but good. Then nothing is better than homemade, right! I really thought I had taken a photo of the package to show you but I couldn't find it in my files...guess I didn't!
Don't you love flowers as much as I do.
This is one of my new finds. The back-stamp is
 Royal Winton,
Grimwales LTD
Made in England
 Summertime 1995

I research it online but couldn't find this exact one.

   Pink roses are always welcomed at teatime.

At my table, sit with me
I'll pour coffee or some tea;
Perhaps we'll share our tears and laughter,
And be friends forever after.

While there's tea, there's hope.
~Sir Arthur Pinero~
 Have a Blessed Day!
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  1. Your tea sets are beautiful, and the scones look delicious!

  2. Your new teacup and darling plate were special finds, Sylvia. I'd love to stop by for a scone, tea and a visit.

  3. Thanks for sharing your pretty tea cups and plates. They are so delicate. I am a coffee drinker, but now and then I have a nice cup of tea, and now when I do, I will think of you and your tea cups.

  4. I'm a tea drinker too. Hot in the morning and then iced for the rest of the day. I don't care for flavored teas, I stick to green, black, and orange pekoe....altho some peppermint might be ok. Licorice - YUK! None of my friends are tea drinkers, so I'll come and share with you. :-) your tea dishes are soooooooo pretty!

  5. oh those little dishes, with the rose pattern!!! so beautiful. I think some like this, are called "Chintz"... :-) love them!!!!!

  6. Hi Sylvia, I agree the eggshell blue on the first teacup's saucer is so pretty. I'm really drawn to that color. Love your new chintz too! Perfect for spring time! I've never mixed different types of tea before, but I think peppermint would boost flavor in some iced teas. Thanks for visiting me yesterday and enjoy the rest of the week. ~Nora

  7. Hi Sylvia,
    What a pretty teacup and I adore your chintz plate! Strawberry scones sound lovely. Would love to join you for a sip of your tea and a scone. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a beautiful day, my friend!


  8. A very pretty cup and saucer! I love blues too!
    The strawberry scones sound scrumptious!
    Have a lovely day!

  9. Such a sweet post...thanks for inviting us to tea! Love your pretty cups and the floral plate too. That quote at the beginning really spoke to me...if only I COULD drink more tea and be deprived of food for a while...I'd be in better shape...lol!

  10. Hi Sylvia! Your new teacup is lovely. I like the pretty blue and you can't beat flowers! Strawberry scones! I'll have to check the frozen delights at the grocery! Your chintz plate is a gorgeous find. Happy Tea Day!

  11. Hi Sylvia, wow I love your teacup and plat with the scones! Sounds like a wonderful tea time. Have a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  12. Sylvia- That is a gorgeous tea cup and I LOVE the plate with the scones on it. Looks like a wonderful tea time to me. xo Diana

  13. That is a pretty teacup. I'd enjoy sitting down to a cuppa with that setting.


  14. What a lovely post, Sylvia. At Christmas, I purchased this exact mint tea. Your cup/saucer is so pretty and colorful. Thanks for sharing about the scones. Have a blessed evening. Mildred

  15. What a pretty teacup! I've never thought of combining teas to create my own blend but I should try it one day!

  16. I always enjoy joining you for tea, sweet friend :) Today was another delightful tea time - you always make everything beautiful. And I never think to mix my teas... I will have to try that sometime.

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Love and hugs!

  17. Beautiful teacup ! I love your new find with the lovely flowers.
    Nice having tea with you !!

    Hugs, Wilma.

  18. Syl, ready made strawberry scones? How awesome for that fast pick-me-up - or when unexpected friend comes for tea!

    LOVE your chintz - that sells really well and for quite a lot on ebay. Every time I get a piece it goes right away- highly collectible for sure. I have a few smaller than normal but much bigger than demitasse cups too, or have in the past. They're so dainy and nice.

    Hey, I have some peppermint tea I should send you - unless I already gave it away - I don't like mint anything but had it for a Christmas offering when I entertained.....if I still have I will send to you once I quit working. Trying to get all my Easter stuff listed, then gotta do taxes (ugh) and then prepare for 15 coming for Easter dinner. ARGH all I wanna do is curl up with a cuppa and good book. LOL. Hugs.

  19. I love you tea cup. I have a little chintz plate... similar to yours except a bit smaller. One of my favorites!

  20. Such pretty china dishes you have. I have never tried peppermint tea mixed in with green tea. I will have to give it a try. Wishing you a Blessed Easter.

  21. Your plate is so very pretty. Reminds me of the pretty plates my grandma use to serve us tea and cookies on.

  22. What a lovely time of tea this was with you this morning, Dear Sylvia.
    I like your idea of mixing the teas and I have found mint to be one of my favorites lately. My all time favorite tea is black currant tetly tea from Canada. I stock up on it when we go home for visits.
    Your dish is absolutely gorgeous!! Yes,I too love flowers.

    Enjoy your day my friend.
    Blessings, Debbie

    Oh, thank you for the fun comment on my tea cup post today. Of course your message didn't go to my in box, but you're not the only one. :-)

  23. I love your new tea cup, very pretty indeed! And that plate and those colors are a beautiful combination. I don't think I have ever done 2 different flavored tea bags before, I think I'll have to try that the next cup I make. Hmm, the possibilities are endless!

    Homemade is always better, but when you find something that you like, I say Go for it! Life's to short to spend all your time in the kitchen baking. :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  24. I love your post on your teacup today! Sometimes we mix tea but the results are not always good! Some peppermint sounds good though! Have a great weekend!

  25. Przyjemnie pić herbatę z takiej filiżanki :)


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