Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow in Georgia

Well we woke up to a beautiful snowfall
this morning!

It's 21 degrees at 10:23, we don't get snow often
here in West North West Georgia.
When we do it is pretty and everyone gets a day off work and school. Doctor's close also.

My Madi couldn't find any grass!

Stay warm where you are!Sylvia

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On my Bucket List

I am not a winter type of person.
This cold weather doesn't help at all
to make a person happy. Staying inside
out of the cold trying to stay warm.
I am so ready for Spring, so I thought
I would show you some photo's of 
Gibbs Garden in the North Georgia mountains
near Ballground. I have been here, but never 
in all our trips visited the gardens.

Gibbs Garden

Gibbs Garden

Gibbs Garden

Gibbs Garden

I have never been there but I sure would 
love to.  It is on my bucket list.
We don't drive through Atlanta anymore,
so someone will need to drive for us when
we go.

Isn't Spring flowers much nicer to see than
snow, although snow is pretty, I'd much rather
enjoy pretty flowers and warm weather.

Gibbs Garden Trails

Gibbs Garden Manor House

The 300 acre estate has over 220 acres of beautiful
gardens. It is opened to the public.

This photo was posted on their Facebook page
December 21, 2017 

Gibbs Garden photo of Japanese Pool

Beautiful but makes me chilly.

All this 20's and 30's temperatures in the mornings, isn't good for my bones. Today the weatherman is saying we 'may' get up to 1/2 inch of snow tomorrow morning. Hope not.. I have to drive an hour for my Hubby's doctor appointment.

Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

When Troubles Comes Remember..

"Have not I commanded thee, be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."
Joshua 1:9

Remember...  God's promise to always be with you.
Remember... all the things He has done for you.

We can be still and quiet in our spirit and meditate on His blessings.

When the clouds of life aren't as bright and sunny as we would like them to be, Remember..out of our despair, God reminds us of His love through his son Jesus Christ. We can return to resting in his great love.

" I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and he gave ear unto me."
Psalms 77:1

Remember... the sky will once again become bright and the sun will shine again.

We may not feel His presence but He knows our every heartache. In our weakness He is our strength.

"Lord, I cannot understand the depth of your love or the wisdom of your ways when trouble comes upon me.  Help me to find my way back into your arms and remember your glorious love for me."

Out of our troubles He calms the storms and makes a way for us.

" O that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for his wonderful works..."
Psalm 107:31

Praying in the days to come,
 for all the people that are
hurting and need God's love
and blessings in their lives.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Janurary National Hot Tea Month

Did you know that January is 
National Hot Tea Month!

I looked up National Hot Tea Month on the 
internet and it said " Tea is the second most 
popular beverage in the world next to water."
Yes, in the WORLD!
You can read about all the good that tea does
for you HERE

The article said that Tea flavonoids may help increase metabolism and fat oxidation. Now
that may help us with our New Years Resolution to lose weight.

Other than strengthening our metabolism and fat oxidation it helps maintain hydration and so much more.
I have always enjoyed a cup of hot tea, now I know it does so much more for me than warm me up inside on a cold winter's day.

Maybe it is Time to have a cup!


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday's Blessings

It's cold here in the South, it even
snowed in parts of Georgia and 

Stay warm and 
Have a Blessed Day!