Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Picnic at FDR

After such a great time on Sunday,
celebrating my granddaughters birthday
having a picnic at the Flint River, hubby and I just
had to get out and enjoy another beautiful day.
We packed up and drove to our favorite state park.
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

It looked as if it may cloud up and rain. It didn't so
we stayed awhile and watched the water on the lake ripple.

There was one tiny flower all alone.

There were quiet a few campers enjoying it also.
Good time to go visit your State Park.

Madi is always ready to get out. She's happy now.

And here's a sky photo I failed to add to Monday's post, when we were at the Flint River Sunday for my Anna's birthday.

Aren't they pretty! I love looking at clouds.

Have a Blessed Day!
Until next time

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Birthday Picnic

Picnic's are fun, especially when it's your granddaughter's 15th birthday
Sunday was Anna's Birthday, the whole family (except for three that had to work),
packed a lunch and went to Sprewell Bluff on the Flint River.
It's only a few miles from where I live.

This is at the overlook.

The Flint River is a 344-mile-long (554 km)[1] river in the U.S. state of Georgia. The river drains 8,460 square miles (21,900 km2) of western Georgia, flowing south from the upper Piedmont region south of Atlanta to the wetlands of the Gulf Coastal Plain in the southwestern corner of the state. Along with the Apalachicola and the Chattahoochee rivers, it forms part of the ACF basin. In its upper course through the red hills of the Piedmont, it is considered especially scenic.
(Info from

The children always enjoy playing in the water,
although it was too cold to get in on this day.

Joshua did manage to get his feet wet!

They did remember to bring their football so they could play.

Some people where going for a ride in their canoe's . The river is wider than it looks in the photo.

We all enjoyed the afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Anna!
(Anna in red shirt)

This was a joyful day, and we rejoiced in it for many are our blessings!

Psalm 118;24

Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Photo's of the Week

It's time for Friday Foto Friends
This week has gone by so fast!

Monday I was enjoying the warm sunshine,
sitting on my patio. This pretty red bird begin to sing to me.
I just sat still and listened for a while.
I quietly got up, went inside and got my camera .

He soon flew away to make someone else happy with his singing.

Wednesday afternoon my hubby and I enjoyed a snack at our favorite Coffee and Bakery Shoppe.
Of course I had Earl Gray tea with my multigrain muffin!

Thursday I took my granddaughter to lunch at Mansfield of Zebulon.
It's a pretty brick house turned into a restaurant.

The grounds are so lovely this time of year.

Lunch was a Turkey and cheese sandwich on French Toast bread along with Mango Orange Fluff. 
 It was really good!

Hope your week was as enjoyable.

Have a Blessed Day!


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Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring!

Finally it's Spring, the sun is shining and it's warming up!

It's a good day for a picnic!

Have a Blessed Spring Day!


Sunday, March 19, 2017


I enjoy my early morning devotional time with my Lord. I never feel so close to Him as when I am in His word, the Bible.
This morning as I turned to today's date in "Our Daily Bread", the title was "A Place to Be".  It made me stop and think, really think on that word and what it meant. Places brings back memories hidden deep within us of times gone by good or not so good. Places where we may have lived and was sad or happy.  In my 53+ years of marriage I have lived in many different places I called home.
Each time I would work to make it a home where we could be comfortable. I think maybe if I had lived in one place  so long I may have gotten too comfortable and would forget what Jesus said in John 14:1-2
"I am going ... to prepare a place for you" !

There's a much better place waiting for those of us that have placed our faith and hope in the Lord.
He has a place for us that exceeds any place on earth we might have. I've learned not to put all my hope and joy in earthly homes, for I have a better place to look forward too!

"And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am you may be also".
John 14: 3

Dear Jesus, I wait for my home with you that you've promised to have prepared for me.
Thank you that I can look forward to a much better place than what this world has.

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St.Patrick's Day amd Friday Foto Friends

It doesn't look like the freeze we've had the last few mornings,has hurt my dogwood tree.
 That's good, but it did cause the Azalea blooms to droop!
Maybe the ones that hadn't bloomed will soon.

What can one do when you have been out most of the day,
 you're almost home and in the road you have to stop for these cute geese, to cross.

You just give them the "right of way" and
enjoy watching them!

And a few that doesn't seem to be in a hurry---

and then 3 more---

And after several minutes the 3rd one finally gets across.

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Have  a Blessed Day!