Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Thrift Store Find to Re-purpose !

I found this bench at a  yard sale for only $5 .  It has sat in my living room for awhile and I would sit and look at it wondering how or if I could use it for a coffee table.  I needed a small one since my living room is small, I sold my large one at a yard sale, and another one I had for years, I let my grandson sale it at his baseball yard sale to raise money for his team to go to the championship game a couple years ago. This is what I finally decided to do.

I took the seat off and cleaned it up.

My hubby had a piece of glass cut for me, I placed it on top.

This is how it came out.  I was pleased with it.  I do tend to like to change things every so often.  That's where my hubby and I are different, I like change but he doesn't. Oh well, that's another day's story. LOL.

When my hubby and I were out antiquing one day I found this pretty teacup and fell in love with it, he was so kind to buy it for me.  I didn't notice until later that it wasn't meant to be used for drinking tea or anything else. .

This is what I found on the back of it.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't have tea out of it, but it is pretty to sit around as a decoration.

The saucer has pink and red roses on it too.  I'm thinking maybe they are hand painted.

I love all the gold trim around the cup and the saucer.

I love roses, pink,red and all colors.

I placed my teapot candle holder next to my teacup.  My daughter gave me this for my birthday one year. She knows I love anything teapot or teacups, no matter what the use.

She told me that she went to a candle party a friend was giving and when she saw this she knew I had to have it.  Children are such blessings!.

This is it with the tea lite candle in the bottom. And it has gold roses on it too!

I hope all my blogger friends are having a BLESSED week!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I visited Juliette, Georgia last weekend, after the basketball game was over that my 8 year old grandson was playing in,  Juliette was just 8 miles away.  Many of you may remember the 1991 movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" written by Fannie Flagg, but what you may not know is that it was (or mostly) filmed in Georgia and it's only a short drive from where I live.  It is one of my favorite movies.  I visited that little town many times years ago but hadn't been lately until last weekend.  Since we were that close hubby and I decided to see if it was still as busy as when we went before. Oh yes, it was booming.

The Whistle Stop Cafe was about to close so we didn't get to eat there this time, but we could see through the windows that it was full of people.  I've eaten there several times but never tried the "Bar B Que".

While we were there a train came by.  Remember "Buddy" got hit by the train at the beginning of the movie.

You don't find many towns these days that still look like this, as if they had never caught up with the times.
I took a few pictures inside the stores, of course the train came by when I was in the one with all the dishes, teacups and teapots.  My hubby was ready to go then and I didn't go back inside but there WILL be another day.  Loved the bird house camper.

Remember Ruth and Idgie!  

I loved this bicycle outside the store, as if someone parked it there and left it, kind of sad.

Can you believe I only bought a jar of local honey.   I've started using honey in my tea to cut back on sugar.

I do want to share my new teacup that I bought a few weeks ago.  I tried to get a photo of the stamp on the back but it wouldn't come out clear. It is a Hammeroley and Company Bone China with Made in England stamped on the bottom.  Love the handle.  The flowers make me think of spring.

I had to try the honey with some Apple and Cinnamon Tea when I got home.

I do hope you enjoyed this trip back to Juliette and remembering the movie.  Do stop by anytime and we'll talk about ole times and have a cup of tea.



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Pantry New Again!

Years ago in another home, my husband built this pantry for me so I could have more storage.  When we built our new home, we had no use for it, or that is what I thought.  For 10 years it sat in my bonus room upstairs.  After getting  a new 16 place setting of dishes before Christmas I found that I had no place to store them.  Then I remembered the pantry upstairs. When my family was here for dinner on Sunday, my grandson and his dad was so kind to bring it down for me.  I wasn't sure it would fit or go too good in my living room, but it's growing on me.

I took everything out of my China Cabinet and  placed all my new set of dinnerware in it.

I then put most of what was in my China Cabinet in the pantry.  The others I packed up.

My plans was to paint it white and take the doors off, but my grandson, (who is my first grandchild and tells me and the other grandchildren that he is my favorite) didn't want me to do that.  He said that he may want it in the future and wants it to stay as is, so for now it will stay like this.

Afterwards I needed a tea break!   I enjoyed  some Chamomile Tea with a few Lemon Cookies and Pirouline dark chocolate wafer.   

My Abingdon Porcelain China teapot I've had for years and don't get to use often.  



Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Great "Tea" Day.

Today was a cloudy, rainy day, my daughter came for her weekly visit and brightened my day.  She filled it with sunshine.  We decided to go to one of my favorite Tea Rooms, August Moon! 

She is my first born child and a real blessings.

The tearoom is decorated with so many vintage hats, teacups, teapots and other items.

This was our table!

And this was my plate!  Almond Chicken melt with Broccoli Salad and a fruit cup. We had Royal Wedding Tea! Yummy good!  Need I say it was an empty plate when I finished eating.

There's also a consignment shop attached to the Tea Room called Pretty Things.  Can you believe I got this pretty teacup
and saucer for only $3.00 !  I love the way it ribbons around the edge of the saucer.

Inside the Tea Cup is a pretty picture.  I couldn't make out the stamp on the back.

My daughter forgot Madi's gift at Christmas so she brought it today.  I think Madi likes it.  It is a monkey pet toy.

She ran to the other room to play with it, I guess she didn't want to share with us.

God is Good!
Have a Blessed Day!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trying again!

Good Morning, or maybe I should say Good afternoon.  Finally it worked, after trying for hours yesterday to get Google Chrome to work for me.  This morning my husband had a doctor's appointment , I gave it a rest and had made up my mind to forget about blogging, but now I'm back and it is working. I can upload my pictures.  I do spend too much time on the computer and do need to scale down to only a couple days a week.  Now only if I can remember what I did to get it to work!  

 Hope everyone is having a Blessed  Day.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Posting Picture Change?

Good morning, this is my first post since Jan.1 and the way you post a picture has changed.  I'm not able to post new pictures from my computer.  What have I missed since I've been away?  Anyone besides me having this problem and know what to do?  Any help will be much appreciated!

Have a Blessed Day!