Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Thrift Store Find to Re-purpose !

I found this bench at a  yard sale for only $5 .  It has sat in my living room for awhile and I would sit and look at it wondering how or if I could use it for a coffee table.  I needed a small one since my living room is small, I sold my large one at a yard sale, and another one I had for years, I let my grandson sale it at his baseball yard sale to raise money for his team to go to the championship game a couple years ago. This is what I finally decided to do.

I took the seat off and cleaned it up.

My hubby had a piece of glass cut for me, I placed it on top.

This is how it came out.  I was pleased with it.  I do tend to like to change things every so often.  That's where my hubby and I are different, I like change but he doesn't. Oh well, that's another day's story. LOL.

When my hubby and I were out antiquing one day I found this pretty teacup and fell in love with it, he was so kind to buy it for me.  I didn't notice until later that it wasn't meant to be used for drinking tea or anything else. .

This is what I found on the back of it.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't have tea out of it, but it is pretty to sit around as a decoration.

The saucer has pink and red roses on it too.  I'm thinking maybe they are hand painted.

I love all the gold trim around the cup and the saucer.

I love roses, pink,red and all colors.

I placed my teapot candle holder next to my teacup.  My daughter gave me this for my birthday one year. She knows I love anything teapot or teacups, no matter what the use.

She told me that she went to a candle party a friend was giving and when she saw this she knew I had to have it.  Children are such blessings!.

This is it with the tea lite candle in the bottom. And it has gold roses on it too!

I hope all my blogger friends are having a BLESSED week!



  1. Hi Sylvia,

    I really enjoyed looking at your photots. Your new table is beautiful - I love what you did with it :) And your tea cup is just lovely! The colors are so nice and cheerful.

    I am having a blessed week and I hope you are too :)

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. CLEVER re-do on your little perfect tea table. Well done!

    Now why on earth would they have that tea cup painted with lead based paint? How stupid. Not to be used for tea. Sheesh.

    It's pretty, it needs to be made into a pretty floral arrangement then.

    If you mail it to me I will make you one for it, Syl.


  3. I love your new table...great way to repurpose!!! And your tea cup, well, probably does have lead paint, made in China. So sorry, but it IS pretty, and you can display it with your other tea things. Some things are just meant to be admired from a distance! Yeah, put flowers in it like Michele said above! Great idea!!! Another "repurposeful moment"!

  4. Good morning Sylvia... your new little tea table is just beautiful!... and I love your stunning roses teacup and saucer... it looks simply gorgeous being displayed there!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Sylvia,

    Wonderful idea for re-purposing that bench. It looks fabulous as a small coffee table! Your teacup with roses is lovely and will make a nice decoration. I'm having a tea giveaway on my blog, please feel free to enter.

  6. What a pretty teacup, Sylvia, even if it is only for decorative purposes. Your little table is adorable! Great re-model! Have a nice week.

  7. Oh, I am impresed by your creativity. What a fun and beautiful table!

  8. You are a clever girl Sylvia ! I love what you have done with that stool, turning it into a really lovely piece of furniture that you can enjoy everyday.
    Don't you love it when you find a bargain like that and make into your own special creation.
    Beautiful x

  9. Hi Sylvia!
    Great idea for your vanity bench and I love your new teacup. It looks nice for Valentines day with the pink and red roses. Have a lovely week.

  10. This is a really a pretty cup and saucer and that is right -not for food use. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you - most of their tea things have the sticker too. Always look on the bottom and read the information. I have sold Burton and Burton for many years and even they no longer have these pieces which is because people like me won't have them in their stores!!!

    The table is really beautiful - I am sure they were delighted. Very pretty pieces and display! Your menu was delightful!


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