Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Pantry New Again!

Years ago in another home, my husband built this pantry for me so I could have more storage.  When we built our new home, we had no use for it, or that is what I thought.  For 10 years it sat in my bonus room upstairs.  After getting  a new 16 place setting of dishes before Christmas I found that I had no place to store them.  Then I remembered the pantry upstairs. When my family was here for dinner on Sunday, my grandson and his dad was so kind to bring it down for me.  I wasn't sure it would fit or go too good in my living room, but it's growing on me.

I took everything out of my China Cabinet and  placed all my new set of dinnerware in it.

I then put most of what was in my China Cabinet in the pantry.  The others I packed up.

My plans was to paint it white and take the doors off, but my grandson, (who is my first grandchild and tells me and the other grandchildren that he is my favorite) didn't want me to do that.  He said that he may want it in the future and wants it to stay as is, so for now it will stay like this.

Afterwards I needed a tea break!   I enjoyed  some Chamomile Tea with a few Lemon Cookies and Pirouline dark chocolate wafer.   

My Abingdon Porcelain China teapot I've had for years and don't get to use often.  




  1. Your dishes look beautiful in your China cabinet and I love your tea cups in the cupboard. Your plates at tea pot are simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Sylvia :)

    Hugs to you,

  2. Being the first gchild, he certainly has dibs on that beautiful pantry:) Great re-purpose of it. Don't mess up that wood with paint!

    Have a great day...

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    Good thing you kept that cabinet. Your new set of dinnerware is gorgeous! Everything is so organized. Such pretty Abingdon china with those roses.

  4. That's wonderful, Sylvia!

    I love that cabinet your husband made for you.

    I would have wanted to paint it and distress it a bit, too- you are sweet to leave as is for him.

    He sounds like a fun one.

    Your china - and your tea for one- just lovely!

  5. Love your pretty Abingdon tea pot. So nice that your husband could make you a pantry! sandy : )

  6. Wow! What a beautiful old cabinet! I'm so glad you kept it, aren't you? I'm happy that your Grandson wants it someday. I love to see family heirlooms, regardless of their monetary value, passed down. And that one is definitely valuable since your hubby built it. Your grandson will treasure it and pass it on to his kids someday! Great story! Love your teapot too,,,and the tea time party. You deserved it!!

  7. What a wonderful cabinet!

    Jocelyn @

  8. I hope you will come link to this my Open House if you haven't already done so!
    Everything looks wonderful!

  9. Good morning Sylvia... and thank you so much for your visit this morning!... I love your beautiful pantry~hutch and all of your pretty things inside of it... and I am so happy you are keeping it the natural wood!... all of your china is so beautiful... like you, I love roses!... I also love all of your little furry babies on your header... I so love all of God's precious little creatures!... signing on as your newest follower... wishing you a blissful day, xoxo Julie Marie

  10. I loved seeing all these pretty dishes. What fun to get new china and display it so you can enjoy it everyday!

  11. I sure could use some extra storage, Sylvia. I have a growing teacup collection. I love the china storage piece and the pantry.

  12. Great storage. And all your tea things look beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  13. Dear Sylvia,
    I love your idea of storing your favorite tea collection in your cabinet! Looks fabulous in it's new location. Love your pretty teapot and teacup. The tiny flowers are so dainty and elegant. Your treats look yummy too! Thanks for stopping in for a visit! Wishing you a lovely day!

  14. All of your treasures look so beautiful displayed in your cupboard !


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