Thursday, September 27, 2012


Stephanie, over at The Enchanting Rose blog had a give away!  And I won!  I was so excited when the mail carrier blew her horn at my house, she had a pakage for me and look what it was.

I opened the pretty package and there were beautiful fall note cards, potholders and a Fall door hanger!
The items were wrapped in this paper and ribbon, I love the bow!
The cards are so pretty!
Love the door hanger, I have it hanging on my door to the den.
This is the backs of the potholders.
Thanks Sterphanie,, you made my day even more BLESSED!
If you aren't a follower already of The Enchanting Rose, visit her blog, she is a christian lady who encourages and brightens everyones day! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I love the hunt for a good "deal" don't you.  Goodwill Stores and Salvation Army Stores are two of my favorites to shop.  Yesterday my hubby had an appointment in a nearby town, early.  Since his appointment was at 9 a.m. we got up early and headed off.
Yes, this early!.  It was an hours drive and the sun was in our face  half the way. I always love to see the sunrise or sunset, it reminds me how blessed I am to have another day to enjoy God's wonderful creations.  It was my daughter's birthday also and she was meeting us for lunch after the appointment. 
 I had a surprise for her too, a friend she grew up with and haven't seen in sometime, was going to meet us and surprise her. I got a surprise also, her mother that I went to  school with came along also. We had not  seen each other but one time in 18 years.

Well to get back to my hunt, we had a little time before the ladies were to meet us for lunch, so we went into the Goodwill Store that was near the restaurant.  I found this cup, it didn't have a saucer with it but for only $1.00 I had to get it.  I love the flowers and the shape of the handle.  It only had "made in England" on the bottom.

Also I saw this kitchen curtain with valance and admired it, but put it back since it's springy.  My wonderful daughter saw me looking at it and you know what that dear child did?  She bought it for me. It was only $3.00  I thanked her and decided I could put it away until spring, when I'd need something to
brighten my day after the winter months.  I love the butterflies on it and they aren't  imprinted into the material but sewed in so the wings can be lifted up.
This morning I used my new cup for my Twinning English Tea with scones and homemade preserves made locally by Betty Hatchet.  The saucer is one I already had and I think it is close enough to go with the cup.  Maybe one day I can find the saucer that goes with it. Oh, another hunt!! for another day.
Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


This morning I decided to have a "Tea" Picnic at the covered bridge a few miles from where I live.  We are blessed with having the Auchumpkee Covered Bridge  in our county. 
I got up early and made cranberry scones and a pumpkin roll.  Loaded everything I would need in the SUV, called my daughter to see if she wanted to meet me and her daddy for a picnic.  I hurried to town to get a hair cut then back home to finish and make sure I had everything.  I asked my hubby if he was ready and bless his heart he got from his comfortable chair where he was watching TV and came outside, before getting into the car he ask "Ah, where are we going?"  I was so excited I had forgotten to tell him my plans.  He was willing to go along anyway.
I packed my "Traveling Tea Basket" (that's what I call it).  till it wouldn't hold anymore, then off
we were for a few hours of fellowship and relaxing.  I find the older I get the more I treasure every
moment with my family.  I'm always trying to come up with things we can do.. I love  "making memories"
We had Chicken Salad Croissants, Cranberry Scones with Strawberry Jam. For dessert we had the pumpkin roll I had made earlier this morning.  I did bring a plate for it but there just wasn't enough
room on the table so I just placed it on a doilie.
Sat my scarecrow in the chair with the magazines for us to look at. They are full of fall ideas!
My daughter,Gina loves to look at magazines also, guess she gets it from her mother.
We were getting hungry by now.  I think she's eyeing the croissant.  I picked
them up at our local delli on our way , they sure pack the salad on them.

and make some memories!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have a new Big Cup, thanks to my 16 year old grandson,Johnathan, he is so thoughtful! He spent this past weekend with me and this is what he gave me when he came in the door.  I didn't know that I was collecting them, but I guess my family thanks I am.  I do love it especially since it came from him.

This morning I made Banana Nut Muffins.  

And of course I had to use this pretty saucer I found at ,, now was it a thrift store or yard sale? I really don't remember, but I do know that I didn't give but a few cents for it, and there was only one
but that was ok, anytime there is a rose on something that is enough for me.

You may remember these  three large cups I posted about awhile back. Now I have four.
This is a picture of Johnathan and myself taken last year before  his spring chours concert.
Johnathan, my first grandchild and a true blessing.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


"Children are a heritage from the Lord"' Psalm 127:3-5
And my mother was blessed with 6 children..There is 5 of us left now since one of my sisters went home to be with the Lord and our parents in 2005.  I am blessed to have my brother and 4 sisters as close by as they are, even if it is an hour or two away.  Yesterday I spent the day with my oldest sister,Doris,(she's only 3 years older).  We started out shopping at Kohl's ,DSW, and Joanne's.  We had lunch at Cheddar's and sat there about an hour talking and catching up on everything.  We had the nicest waitress, she didn't rush us at all, just kept asking us if we needed anything and pouring us tea.
Then we decided to go to the Salvation Army store and Pier 1 Import.   Don't know how the time got away from us cause by now it was time for me to drive her home and start the hour's drive back to my home. 
Oh look, she surprised me with this "Bakery Teapot" she found at the Salvation Army Store.
Back View


Handle View

Love the Bakery sign!
The best part is she only paid $1.00 for it, but it's priceless to me! Love my sister.
Hope you have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I love to walk outdoors when it's cool and a nice breeze is blowing, and today is  one of those days.  Since the temperature has come down quiet a bit, it is the perfect day for a walk. There's a few (but not many) leaves trying turn.
When I say "go for a walk"  Madi's eyes lights up and her tail starts ragging.  She loves to go on walks.  Here she is checking out a mushroom.
Of course she has to check everything out, after all it is her duty to keep us safe, right?  As we
walked down the beaten path my grandchildren has made us by riding the Golf Cart over the grass many times, I hear a "meow". Don't leave me, he is trying to tell us.
Yes, it's Milo, he always know when we are out walking no matter where he is hiding in the back yard, and he follows us, just like a puppy.
Our 2 acre's  aren't completely fenced so Madi has to be on a leash.  I've learned she likes to visit
everyone on the road where we live.
Yes, Madi that's moss on the ground, it's ok, it won't hurt us.
Most of the flowers, the hot weather has taken it's tole on them, the trees are always
pretty and green but there is lots of yard work needing to be done as soon as fall brings even
cooler temperatures.
I love the big Oak tree in the back part of the yard, even if it is hard to mow around it and the large
cedar tree.
A butterfly landed on a piece of limb as we walked by, as if to be enjoying our walk also.
It did add more beauty to the day!
Ooh, is that persimmons on the ground I see next to the small limb!
Yes, many of them, guess the deer couldn't reach them all.
As we travel on around the persimmon tree, I see this small cedar under an Oak tree, I'll need to transplant it also along with the 5 or 6 that I found in the front yard earlier this summer.  I believe October is the time to transplant.
I hope you are enjoying our walk today, I promise to feed you and offer you a cup of tea
when we get tired.
As we walk on I see there's a couple of  purple Rose of Sharon's in bloom!  It looks
like it is growing on the Pine tree, but no it isn't, the limb had grown over it, guess it needs
triming back.
 I see this pretty blue Morning Glory making itself at home among the azaleas, such a pretty
color of blue.

 The Purple Knight butterfly bush has began to show more blooms since we have gotten
a lot of rain lately.
The Lantana isn't blooming, guess it has finished for the summer too, but the Purple Heart is doing
good in the pot on the stand.
Then back to the swing to rest awhile, Madi is given out and Milo needs a rest also but Madi
got to the best place between myself and hubby first.
Now time for that snack I promised.
How about a piece of chocolate cake with curled white chocolate on top and a cup of Tea!
I made an arrangement for my table before we left on our walk, when my hubby saw it he said,
aren't you rushing Fall a little?  No, fall is on it's way and I am just welcoming it!
I have enjoyed our walk and you visiting with me today,
I hope you have a Blessed Afternoon!