Monday, September 3, 2012

Teacup Ribbon and State Park trip.

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday, and Saturday we celebrated with our children and their families.
He and I first took a ride to one of our favorite State Parks where one daughter and family were camping.  Afterwards we left to meet her and the other children at Olive Garden Restaurant for dinner, and on the way I had to stop at Michael's to see if they had the teacup ribbon that Angela over at "Tea with Friends" blogged about a couple weeks ago. They only had one roll left so I grabbed it up, sure  would have loved to have gotten more.
This is the beautiful stone Franklin Delanor Roosevelt State Park check in building. Pres.Roosevelt started the State Parks program when he was President.  He visited here on Pine Mountain and had a home in nearby Warm Springs and called it "The Little White House".( That will have to be a blog for another day.)

Lake Delanor was so pretty and blue, it matched the blue sky and puffy white clouds.  If you look closer you can see the campsites were full.  We waited too late to get a spot this time.
I took this picture top Pine Mountain overlook.  This is Lake Franklin and to the right of it is the Boy Scout campground.

The drive to F.D.R. State park was so pretty.  In the fall when all these leaves have turned orange,red and a golden yellow is just magnificent!

This is a view from the overlook.
My favorite chocolate mint......from the Olive Garden Restaurant!


  1. What gorgeous pics!

    Glad you got the ribbon, I have been to Michael's TWICE since Angela's post and forgot BOTH TIMES to go check. Grrr. I hate to shop, can ya tell?

    That park is amazing - wow.

    Funny you took pics of your Andes Mints. Too cute. Wanna know a secret? My hubs doesn't eat chocolate so I always get his when we go, too. Heh, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. great pictures and post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your photos are FABULOUS!! The State Park looks to be an awesome place to visit and I'm glad you took us there. I love the stone house. That was built back in the day when they used REAL stones. I have found a few homes in Tennessee made of real stones and they are GORGEOUS!! I just keep going back and looking at your photos. All are wonderful! and by the way, I love your tea ribbon!

  4. Sylvia, your photos are wonderful! I love the teacup ribbon; very cute. My mother's birthday is the same as your hubby's. Happy Birthday to him!


  5. Such a lovely ride! I love the views. I miss living in GA. We used to live in Gainesville area and Toccoa. The lakes and mountains were so beautiful, especially as we get into fall. Please enjoy it for me! Thank you.


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