Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I love the hunt for a good "deal" don't you.  Goodwill Stores and Salvation Army Stores are two of my favorites to shop.  Yesterday my hubby had an appointment in a nearby town, early.  Since his appointment was at 9 a.m. we got up early and headed off.
Yes, this early!.  It was an hours drive and the sun was in our face  half the way. I always love to see the sunrise or sunset, it reminds me how blessed I am to have another day to enjoy God's wonderful creations.  It was my daughter's birthday also and she was meeting us for lunch after the appointment. 
 I had a surprise for her too, a friend she grew up with and haven't seen in sometime, was going to meet us and surprise her. I got a surprise also, her mother that I went to  school with came along also. We had not  seen each other but one time in 18 years.

Well to get back to my hunt, we had a little time before the ladies were to meet us for lunch, so we went into the Goodwill Store that was near the restaurant.  I found this cup, it didn't have a saucer with it but for only $1.00 I had to get it.  I love the flowers and the shape of the handle.  It only had "made in England" on the bottom.

Also I saw this kitchen curtain with valance and admired it, but put it back since it's springy.  My wonderful daughter saw me looking at it and you know what that dear child did?  She bought it for me. It was only $3.00  I thanked her and decided I could put it away until spring, when I'd need something to
brighten my day after the winter months.  I love the butterflies on it and they aren't  imprinted into the material but sewed in so the wings can be lifted up.
This morning I used my new cup for my Twinning English Tea with scones and homemade preserves made locally by Betty Hatchet.  The saucer is one I already had and I think it is close enough to go with the cup.  Maybe one day I can find the saucer that goes with it. Oh, another hunt!! for another day.
Have a Blessed Day!


  1. I love the cup and the curtains and the scones with the homemade jam. I also love that you had surprise lunch with friends and daughter. What a treat for you! (and Her!) Thank you for brightening my day with your story. Sounds like my kind of day! Someday....when I retire...

  2. Oh, I also love your new fall banner across the top of your blog! I may have to do something fallish on mine soon as I can find something to put there. Don't have my fall decorating done yet. I'd better hurry before it's time for Christmas decorations! Ha!!!

  3. What a delightful and sweet wonderful post.

    Your daughter is a real gem!


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