Monday, July 30, 2012

Tea For One

I would like to share my, Tea for One,   teapot and cup that my sister
gave me a couple years ago for my birthday.  The cup is really small
so I don't use it that often, but I do love it.  I love the gold trim and the

I love the handle,  it looks so regal!

Of course today my Southern Lady  is joining us, all southern ladies love tea parties!

My porcelain Southern Lady figurine was a gift from a Home Interior Party I gave
some years ago.


Isn't she lovely!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Don't know why but I can't seem to get going this morning.  I need a BIG CUP of Tea to start off the day with.  I don't use one everyday but today is a good day for it.  Strawberry-Kewi Tea for my "fruit of the day".

I have three of these large cups..  My hubby gave me one first, for christmas one year. It had hot a package of hot cocoa mix in it, all wrapped up for christmas, and I think I remember it had a small package of mini-marshmellows  in it also.

This is the one hubby gave me.

Then my daughter gave me this one  with the bible verse on it. One of my favorite verses.

A couple years ago my daughter had to fly to Chicago to a conferance for her job.  She brought this one back for me.

Now I am going to finish my Tea!


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Trip to Tea Room

Tomorrow July 24, is my daughter's birthday.
She will be 40,(sh-sh don't let hear me say that)
 so it is a special day for her.
We planned a Mother -Daughter day together.
My plans were to take her shopping and
let her pick out an outfit for her first day back
at school on Thursday. She is a parapro teacher
for special students.
  We did drive the hour to Kohl's and she
did get a new outfit.  Then we drove about another 30 minutes
to the next town to eat at the new Tea Room that
recently opened.  "Paris in a Tea Cup" Tea Room. It
wasn't open.  This is the second time I have gone to eat there
and it wasn't open.  I was told that the family had an emergency
and had to close.  OK, but this time I got their phone number
and will call next time before I drive and hour and a half, but
it was still a great day.  We enjoyed our time together and drove
the few minutes back to Fayetteville, and ate at the Olive Garden.
I did get a couple pictures.  The cashier in the store saw us taking pictures
and offered to take this one of us together.

Here we are in front of the Tea Room.  It is inside a Victorian House called
Collectible Corner's.

Even through the closed bars I could see  it was very pretty.
They were having "Christmas in July" so the whole building
was decorated for Christmas.
I am looking forward to going back one day and maybe I
will get to eat there.  We had a leisure meal and loved it,spending
time together is always a blessing.

My day was truly a blessing, I pray yours was too!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yard Work

The past few weeks when I could and it wasn't 100 degrees or over outside,
 I have tried to get the weeds out of my flower beds.

I moved my small bird bath from the front yard. I had it too
far away from the house and always forgot to fill it with water.
It has got to where it leaks and doesn't hold water more that a
couple days, so it needs filling ofter,  I like it here close to the
back door.

I love Angel's Trumpet's. This year it has grown taller than years

My hubby always wants me to plant a tomato brush in my
flower bed.  This year I only planted one. It has given us
enough for the two of us.

July and I still have an Iris trying to live in this heat!
They ususally are the first flower to bloom here in
the south where I live.

My furry kids watches me from afar, but Milo decides to come
investigate a little closer.

Here he is checking out my work.

My Oriental Lily didn't do as good this year. Suppose it
has been too hot for it.

The Hosta's always does good, they love it under the eve
of the front porch.  I had to replant the flowers in the boxes
my hubby built for me a few years ago, something ate them.
We do have deer that comes up in the yard..

I found these little cedar trees coming up near the large Cedar
in the front yard.  I plan to transplant them in the fall.  I think
there are 5 or 6 of them.  The birds must have dropped seeds.
They build their nest in the Cedar tree.

Maybe when the weather gets cooler near the end of summer I'll
get to do more.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini Vacation

We took two of our grandson's, along with our daughter, with us for a short getaway for a couple days this week. We had a two bedroom cottage, nestled among the trees. So good to get away for
some R & R.  We were at Hard Labor Creek State Park.  We've stayed there many times and
always look forward to going back.

You can click on the picture to make it larger.


It's near the town of Rutledge,Ga. A small historic town. I love these towns how they are so friendly and they dress the sidewalks up along the front of the stores.

Outside one store was this chair they had cut the bottom out and sat a flower pot in it.
What a great idea for an old chair!

Here is my family walking to another store. We did alot
of walking.


The store owners even put out pans of water for dogs. So many people take their pets along with them when they go on vacation now adays. (so did I, I'll post a picture of her later ) Isn't that nice of them.

I think we may have been walking to the Cabose Ice Cream Shoppe where we found this very
large and pretty teapot sitting on the deck .

Isn't it the neatest thing!

Friday morning, my hubby and I slipped away while my daughter and her two teenage boys slept.
We had breakfast at "Yesterday's Cafe".  It had copper tin ceilings. I didn't get a picture of it'


This is in front of the little park, in the center of town, where people can meet and sit and talk.

Thursday we drove a few miles east of Rutledge to Madison.  I was there in Nov.2010.That's
where I got my chihuahua, and I named her after the town...Madison and we call her Madi for short.

Wouldn't you know the first thing I saw when I stepped out of the car would be a Tea Room.

Madison Tea Room & Garden.

Well I didn't get to go there since my hubby and grandsons were along.  They wouldn't hear
of it. So we started at the next store and went from there (I will be going back one day)

My hubby spotted a produce store and made a bee line for it.

It was amazing.  Here he is buying some bananas and pickle relish.
They had about everything you could want in this store.

Then on to the next store.  The 'Antique Sweets" Store.

Yumy truffles and chocolate peanut butter cups!!
There were 12 truffles to start with but they went fast,
it's wonder I got a picture before they were all eaten.

Oh I did have to buy something to take home for me to remember our trip!

This is Noritake "Sheridan" Bouillon Cup.
I love the double handles. 

My Robin that I found at Pier 1 Imports a couple weeks ago
is showing you the three differant sizes of leaf  dishes I found
at one of the stores. My favorite "Pink Roses" on them.
Isn''t Mr. Robin cute! My hubby calls him "Mr.Potato Head".
Funny Man.

This is the  saucer that goes to the Bouillon cup.  This is my daughter's
China so it will be passed along to her one day.

Found this tea, that I haven't tried before, also.  Still haven't
tried it.Guess I could just keep the wrappers.
 I love that it is "Tea of Life". How cool, as my
grandsons would say.

Yes, that night we were all tired.

Even Madi was tired, here she is going to bed on
her pillow.
Loved and enjoyed the time spent with my family,
would have been nice if the rest of my family could
have been with us, but maybe next time.

Hope you have had a nice trip with me in these two historic towns.