Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Trip to Tea Room

Tomorrow July 24, is my daughter's birthday.
She will be 40,(sh-sh don't let hear me say that)
 so it is a special day for her.
We planned a Mother -Daughter day together.
My plans were to take her shopping and
let her pick out an outfit for her first day back
at school on Thursday. She is a parapro teacher
for special students.
  We did drive the hour to Kohl's and she
did get a new outfit.  Then we drove about another 30 minutes
to the next town to eat at the new Tea Room that
recently opened.  "Paris in a Tea Cup" Tea Room. It
wasn't open.  This is the second time I have gone to eat there
and it wasn't open.  I was told that the family had an emergency
and had to close.  OK, but this time I got their phone number
and will call next time before I drive and hour and a half, but
it was still a great day.  We enjoyed our time together and drove
the few minutes back to Fayetteville, and ate at the Olive Garden.
I did get a couple pictures.  The cashier in the store saw us taking pictures
and offered to take this one of us together.

Here we are in front of the Tea Room.  It is inside a Victorian House called
Collectible Corner's.

Even through the closed bars I could see  it was very pretty.
They were having "Christmas in July" so the whole building
was decorated for Christmas.
I am looking forward to going back one day and maybe I
will get to eat there.  We had a leisure meal and loved it,spending
time together is always a blessing.

My day was truly a blessing, I pray yours was too!


  1. Sorry it didn't turn out exactly as planned, but it looks like it was exactly what needed to be planned afterall! I have found in this life that there are reasons for just go with the flow and be happy! Congratulations to your daughter on her birthday. My kids are about the same age...but all boys, no girls to take to tea rooms. We still have fun. They humor me. Thanks for sharing your nice day with us.

  2. Oh no what a huge disappointment for your both- but with being together, shopping and eating and yummy OG - well sounds like she had a pleasant birthday!

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!




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