Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini Vacation

We took two of our grandson's, along with our daughter, with us for a short getaway for a couple days this week. We had a two bedroom cottage, nestled among the trees. So good to get away for
some R & R.  We were at Hard Labor Creek State Park.  We've stayed there many times and
always look forward to going back.

You can click on the picture to make it larger.


It's near the town of Rutledge,Ga. A small historic town. I love these towns how they are so friendly and they dress the sidewalks up along the front of the stores.

Outside one store was this chair they had cut the bottom out and sat a flower pot in it.
What a great idea for an old chair!

Here is my family walking to another store. We did alot
of walking.


The store owners even put out pans of water for dogs. So many people take their pets along with them when they go on vacation now adays. (so did I, I'll post a picture of her later ) Isn't that nice of them.

I think we may have been walking to the Cabose Ice Cream Shoppe where we found this very
large and pretty teapot sitting on the deck .

Isn't it the neatest thing!

Friday morning, my hubby and I slipped away while my daughter and her two teenage boys slept.
We had breakfast at "Yesterday's Cafe".  It had copper tin ceilings. I didn't get a picture of it'


This is in front of the little park, in the center of town, where people can meet and sit and talk.

Thursday we drove a few miles east of Rutledge to Madison.  I was there in Nov.2010.That's
where I got my chihuahua, and I named her after the town...Madison and we call her Madi for short.

Wouldn't you know the first thing I saw when I stepped out of the car would be a Tea Room.

Madison Tea Room & Garden.

Well I didn't get to go there since my hubby and grandsons were along.  They wouldn't hear
of it. So we started at the next store and went from there (I will be going back one day)

My hubby spotted a produce store and made a bee line for it.

It was amazing.  Here he is buying some bananas and pickle relish.
They had about everything you could want in this store.

Then on to the next store.  The 'Antique Sweets" Store.

Yumy truffles and chocolate peanut butter cups!!
There were 12 truffles to start with but they went fast,
it's wonder I got a picture before they were all eaten.

Oh I did have to buy something to take home for me to remember our trip!

This is Noritake "Sheridan" Bouillon Cup.
I love the double handles. 

My Robin that I found at Pier 1 Imports a couple weeks ago
is showing you the three differant sizes of leaf  dishes I found
at one of the stores. My favorite "Pink Roses" on them.
Isn''t Mr. Robin cute! My hubby calls him "Mr.Potato Head".
Funny Man.

This is the  saucer that goes to the Bouillon cup.  This is my daughter's
China so it will be passed along to her one day.

Found this tea, that I haven't tried before, also.  Still haven't
tried it.Guess I could just keep the wrappers.
 I love that it is "Tea of Life". How cool, as my
grandsons would say.

Yes, that night we were all tired.

Even Madi was tired, here she is going to bed on
her pillow.
Loved and enjoyed the time spent with my family,
would have been nice if the rest of my family could
have been with us, but maybe next time.

Hope you have had a nice trip with me in these two historic towns.



  1. What a delightful little mini-vacation! YOu are so fortunate to be able to take your grandsons/daughter/and your hubby with you. Thank you for sharing with us. I love the "boullion cup"...never saw one of those before. So unique. Yes, you must go back with just your daughter or another lady friend and try out the tea room. I know that just isn't a "man thing". Such fun! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Pamela, we enjoyed our stay and visits to the towns.I had never seen a "bollion cup" before either. I do hope to go back and visit the Tea Room one day.

  2. The towns were just great! I can't wait to see your post when you do get to visit the tea room. Men are so funny... I especially loved the pretty teapot and the store owners are just wonderful people to provide water for the dogs. Dogs are people too! All of your photos are just wonderful and I love your little Madi.
    Thanks for visiting me at Down Memory La La Lane. I am now your follower.
    Have a sweet day!

    1. Thanks Brenda for your kinds words and for following my blog. I do enjoy going to Tea Rooms and do every chance I get.


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