Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dickey Farm Peaches

Yesterday, instead of staying home and doing what we do everyday, my hubby and I decided to take a drive to Dickey's Peach Farm, a 30-35 mile drive.  We've been wanting to go for some time now and get some peaches.

They have the prettiest and sweetest peaches.  It's
worth the trip just to watch the workers picking
out the best ones and how they are packed.

And you can buy what they have pulled or you
can drive around back and pick out your own
from the ones they didn't pick to pack, at a
lower price, like these people or doing.


Of course my hubby got the ones already picked
and placed in a nice box.

They even make homemade peach ice cream. You
can get a small sample or buy a cone.  I got a small
sample and almost forgot to take the picture before
it was all gone.

I  love the peach plates and other items they had
for sale.

I got home with my peaches and placed them on
the counter pretending I live on a farm.
(Oh the tomato's are off my bush)

Decided to make a cobbler!

So Yummy!!  Now have I made your mouth drool! There
are more where these came from.



  1. love it! thats a fabric were peaches were processed...seems delicious...by the way have i said that i love america but the country...thanks for sharing..

  2. OOOH....one of my favorites...peach cobbler! Especially when made with fresh peaches right from the orchard! I can almost smell it baking now. Oh, I want some! I did make a peach cobbler for Memorial Day weekend with fresh peaches from a roadside stand here. They said they were fresh from GA. They were good, but yours looked "gooder"!! Thank you for sharing with us. The ice cream looked good too. We made homemade vanilla icecream this past weekend...didn't have any peaches to go with it however. That would have been good. You have made me drool! Thank you for the sweet thoughts! I like how you pretend you live on a farm too. I do that once in a while! Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I love peaches and I love peach ice cream. I'm going to try you peach cobbler Mon. Can't wait:-)

  4. Thanks Ladies for your nice comments. I wish you a very blessed day!


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