Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Don't know why but I can't seem to get going this morning.  I need a BIG CUP of Tea to start off the day with.  I don't use one everyday but today is a good day for it.  Strawberry-Kewi Tea for my "fruit of the day".

I have three of these large cups..  My hubby gave me one first, for christmas one year. It had hot a package of hot cocoa mix in it, all wrapped up for christmas, and I think I remember it had a small package of mini-marshmellows  in it also.

This is the one hubby gave me.

Then my daughter gave me this one  with the bible verse on it. One of my favorite verses.

A couple years ago my daughter had to fly to Chicago to a conferance for her job.  She brought this one back for me.

Now I am going to finish my Tea!


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  1. I love your LARGE tea cups! I don't think I have any LARGE teacups...just mugs. I will have to look for those. I always start my day with a LARGE mug of tea...no little dainty teacup for me to get my day going. I don't drink coffee, so the tea has to do the trick if I am going to get off to work on time! LOL!

    1. Pamela,I don't drink coffee either and the large cups is just the right size and I don't have to go back for seconds.

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    Your cups are so cute. I especially like the scripture cup with the robin on it. You are more than welcome to link up with my tea party too. Would love to have you! Thank you for your visit and have a lovely week.


    1. Thanks Sandi, I have tried to link up with your site but I always miss something and it doesn't post...I'm still trying to learn how.

    2. Syl it is almost 2am and I am just not reading my email - been a busy week so far with no real end in site just yet.....but will try and answer it. (Almost there hon!)

      Maybe give me a call on Friday if email doesn't work?


  3. Really nice assortment of teacups! I have a smaller version of the one that says "Tea". My brother and sis in love gave it to me recently for my birthday. Especially like the one with the bird on it. . Have a great week.

  4. Thankyou for visiting 'French Blue and Peachy Pink' Sylvia and thankyou for your sweet message !
    Michele @The Nest At Finch Rest is a sweety, any friend of hers is a friend of mine.
    Your cups are just lovely, a nice cup of tea to get going in the mornings are a must x

  5. I feel like I need one of your BIG teacups of strong black tea this morning as I am jet-lagged.

  6. I find tea in a big cup gets diluted if I just use a bag. I have to make it in a pot first so it is the strength I want (strong!) and then pour it into a big cup if I want a big cup. Blessings!

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