Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Staycation and Vacation


It's finally Spring, the sun is shining!
Warmer temperatures!
And I have the fever to Get out and Go!

The rest of the month my hubby and I are
going to have a Staycation and a Vacation!

What is a asked!
 According to Forbes on the internet a Staycation
is a fancy word for spending time off at home or
in your general area without spending lots of money, doing things that you would do on a vacation but staying close by and taking day trips. The trick is to enjoy yourself by deviating from daily routines,like washing clothes.

 internet photo

 Do the same things you enjoy when you're on a vacation. Go to a Zoo!

Take a nap in a hammock

internet photo

Take  day trips to your favorite town.
 In this trip we stay 2 days.

That's what we are doing for the next week or so...
Then this is where you will find me on "Vacation"!

My favorite Florida Vacation town!!!

See you "after" my Staycation and Vacation!

Be Blessed!


  1. Are you coming to Florida? How wonderful! It would be fun to meet you, but I won't interrupt your "Vacation" or your "Staycation". Have a wonderful time and enjoy the beauty of spring everywhere you go!

  2. Have a great time, Sylvia!

  3. Have fun and enjoy yourself Sylvia!

  4. Have a great vacation Sylvia. i love the clothesline pic.

  5. Have a super time 'off', and we will look forward to many pictures when you return.

  6. Well then I wish a restful and enjoyable staycation and will see you when you get back:)


  7. Staycation, I love that! I'm going to tell my husband about that. :-)
    I sure enjoyed seeing that photo of you, Sylvia.
    Have a wonderful time away and come back rested up.
    Much love, Debbie

  8. My dear friend, that sounds delightful and oh so refreshing! Enjoy your staycation, sweet Sylvia. Much love to you!

  9. This sounds like perfection!!!!!

    But, please, that is not a real little alligator, heading toward you in that photo..... Is it????? -eeeek- LOL..

  10. Looks like such a relaxing spot to just sit, read and watch the water. Have a wonderful time! ~Nora

  11. Staycation - oh, I love it, dear Sylvia! I am sure you will enjoy your sweet moments at home...
    Relaxing on the hammock and taking a trip - that sounds like wonderful fun!
    Much, much love to you!

  12. Enjoy your time at home and away, dear Sylvia!!

  13. Both are fun! But I still prefer vacating the place! Enjoy!

  14. I hope you have a wonderful Staycation and Vacation! Enjoy!

    Hugs, Amy

  15. What fun! ENJOY it all! Hope you share when you get back.

  16. Sylvia - the photo of you by the beach reminds me of where I would love to be right now!

  17. I think "staycations" are awesome - but I may like them more than hubs does, as it usually means an intense Honey-Do list for him to work on, truth be told.

    We haven't had a travel vacay in a long while as all our money is going towards our youngest daughter's summer wedding (and all required for it) and home stuff. I think we're both dying to get back on a cruise ship. We went once a year for 11 years in a row and now it's been two years off and we're ready. We shall see how we're doing for luxury spending this fall.
    I think I'd prefer more house improving though - certainly a better return on investment. We have been discussing going to see some museums and such within 7 hours drive around us as a wonderful alternative.

    Hope you had a wonderful time, dear Sylvia. Hugs.


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