Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Roses and Teacups

Good morning, Ladies, I hope your weekend was filled with "Lots of Love" from your special one!

"This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118: 24

It is 32 degrees and not getting out of the 40's today.
So I am trying to make the best of it and be happy
it isn't freezing and snowing like it is in other parts
of the country. The north Georgia mountain counties
are having rain and it's freezing and the ice on the
trees are causing lots of them to fall onto the roads.
Thankfull for all my blessings and maybe, just maybe
I can get out some today!

I started the day off with a cup of Earl Gray Tea.

I just love my Red Transfer cup and plate. 
Many years ago a friend gave me the plate and saucer 
and I always wanted to find the cup to match. Christmas
of 2013 my daughter gave me the cup and another saucer.
My,, did she make me happy, I love it! I think I may have 
shown it before, but I never tire of using and seeing it, maybe
you won't either.

It's "Bristol" Crown Ducal

Just want to let you know that if you don't hear from me by email personally it's the way I normally reply to your comments, but somehow I am not able to send or receive emails due to "domains and DMARC policy" whatever that is. I've tried to find out how to fix it to no avail !  I haven't changed any of my settings , so maybe it will fix itself ! sigh---sigh !!

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Your transferware is just lovely. Add the roses and the bling and you have a wonderful Valentine Day setting! Happy Tea Day!

  2. Sylvia, your pictures are just beautiful. Daughters are so wonderful, they sure can give us lots of sweet memories. As for computers, they are a different story for sure. I really don't like that they can give us those naughty little messages and we have to way to reply back!! grrrrr Hope the problem gets worked out soon. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  3. Your transfer ware is lovely! Beautiful photos too btw! We are in the Northwest and are blessed to be enjoying beautiful unusally warm weather of the upper 50's!

  4. I always wonder why, bloggers choose to "reply" to comments they get, on their blog...........by personal emails?????

    guess I wonder, because it is a different pattern, than what I use.

    If a person bothers to leave a comment, on my blog, I go to their blog, and leave a comment on it. and keep commenting on their blog, if I resonate with it.

    no matter what we "say," we all love to receive comments, on our blog.... they are like a warm hug... saying someone appreciates what we try to do, on our blog.

    so why not do our "thanks you's".... this way? by commenting on the blogs of those, who comment on our blog?

    just sayin'.....


  5. Hi Sylvia, wow your tea cup is just beautiful and I love it! Have a wonderful day and week!

  6. Hello Sylvia,
    You know I adore transferware, especially red, so you know I am loving your pretty teacup and plate! I'm sure it was a delightful surprise when your dear daughter gifted you with the pieces you were looking for. I never tire of seeing them.
    I usually respond to a blogger's comments by visiting their blog and leaving a comment there. I have Reply on mine now but I seldom use it. If someone "replies" to me on their blog I never see it because I don't go back unless I have a reason to. And I usually don't email folks unless I have a reason to. Depending on the traffic one receives on their blog it is almost impossible to keep up with everyone who visits. I do think of each comment left on my blog is like getting hug and I hope others feel the same way when I visit them. Have a lovely day, my friend, and thank you so much for joining me for tea today.


  7. One of my favorite patterns...also called Asiatic Pheasants by other companies who used the same pattern. I just adore red and white transferware...or any color! Lol!
    Lovely post!

  8. Hi Sylvia, I enjoyed my visit here this morning. I found you from Melanie. Rose teacup presentation is so pretty. All my teacups and teapots are packed for now.

  9. Love the teacup pattern. I think I may be having the same problem as you with the email. Most of the messages I left on people's sites during the GYB came back saying failed. I don't know what to do about it so like you hoping it will correct itself. Have a great day!

  10. I don't understand the "domain and DMARC policy" but maybe this link will help you.


    Beautiful teacup! Have a great week! Hugs

  11. What a lovely cup saucer and side plate.


  12. I'll take your temperatures if you want to trade. Our high tomorrow is around zero I think. I love your red & white transferware. I have a few pieces of it, too, and I love it.
    Hope your email sorts itself out. xo Diana

  13. Hi Sylvia, I came to you via Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration. Your lovely picture of the transferware cup and pearls soon brought me over! I live in UK (in the East) and have been to Bristol where your cup was made! Maybe that happy day was a little before my time though, eh? :)
    Isn't Earl Grey wonderful? So refreshing. Have you tried Lady Grey? I like that too.
    Hope we may visit each other again.
    I am at Honeypot-cottage blogspot.com ~

  14. Hello Sylvia, such beautiful tea cup I love it! Here in Lisbon/Portugal is winter and we have cold weather but never snows.
    Visiting from Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration Link Party!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  15. What a beautiful tea cup. I love it!

  16. I also would never tire of seeing pretty transferware tea sets like yours.

  17. Hello, I think your lovely Red China is beautiful and you showed it so very pretty with the pearls! I think it is worthy to be a picture on your sidebar! I hope you have a nice evening! Yours, Roxy

  18. I love red transferware! Yours is lovely.

  19. Hi pretty lady! Your tea setting is so lovely and romantic and your red transferware is beautiful...no, we do not get tired of it so share it all you want :)

    I can't believe how cool it is there! We are having warmer temperatures than you {which is quite odd}. On Sunday it was 54 degrees here. Hugs to you, sweet friend. Thanks for sharing at ROI.

  20. Sylvia, such a pretty tea cup! What a delight to sip tea from it! Aw! Such a lovely gift to receive from your daughter:). Much love and hugs to you! Kelly

  21. Dear Sylvia,
    What a gorgeous tea cup! Beautiful! We are very cold here in NC too! Thinking of you guys down south where there is more ice than snow! Ice is never fun. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I appreciate your friendship ever so much. Blessings, Valerie

  22. Oh, we do think alike! Like you, I am thankful that we do not have snow and ice even though I wish it were not so cold!
    Let's count our blessings and stay In our warm homes, yes?
    Bless you! x

  23. such lovely photos... hasn't this winter weather been something else, we had more mild temps at first but now such below normal temps.. ice is so hard to deal with, hope it warms up for you

  24. O, your photos are just breathtaking...and I will never get tired of your posts showing your beautiful red transfer ware...just lovely.
    Stay warm, sister friend.

  25. Your transfer ware is lovely and you've showed them nicely through your photos. I hope your weather improves for you real soon. In my end we are getting early Spring it seems.

  26. Hi Sylvia,
    You have such lovely tea cups! My grand daughters and daughters like to have tea parties and Earl Grey is one of my favorites. Have you ever tried Cucumber White by Twinings? It's another one of my favorites. You are right. Every stage of life is so special I'm trying to cherish each one! Thank you for your visit and kind words. Have a blessed weekend and stay warm!

  27. A lovely tea cup.. So much going on in the rest of the world.. so much snow.. I'm glad im not in it.. Happy Weekend with love Janice

  28. Hello Sylvia! I love that red! So very pretty! I definitely think you should add it to your side bar!

    It's cold here and the snow is moving in. So glad I don't have to go anywhere for the next several days. BRRR!

    Take Care,

  29. It's been pretty chilly here in Florida this week as well...our grandson Noah brought it with him from Maine! I love your teacup and saucers...so pretty and perfect for February reds. You are truly a Grandma who is blessed! Hope it is warming up in your area today. Spring can't be far behind...

  30. I believe I received a comment from you on my site; but never received an email to notify me that you had made a comment. I had no way to respond to you. Hope the problem corrects itself. I too have been having troubles with Blogger. Sometimes before I get a comment finished and press Publish...everything just vanishes and I don't know if my comment went through or not. Your tea cup and pictures are beautiful.


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