Tuesday, March 22, 2016


That I have a Sweet Tooth!

I am addicted to caramel and anything chocolate!
And when you put chocolate and caramel together,WOW you just can't refuse it. 
Just look at that yummy chewy caramel!

Sugar Cookies, my oh my!
My daughter and grandson came Sunday afternoon and we made these glazed Sugar Cookies.

Oh yes, they go so good with a chocolate covered caramel!

I got out my Gracie China cup, with the butterflies, it looks so springy!

Well, it's my hubby's fault, he shouldn't bring Candy in the house.....
I will eat it if it's around.
Wouldn't you!
I know I shouldn't but like I said "I am addicted".

Another thing I love, so I treated myself to a bouquet of 'DAISIES' !!

When we went to the grocery store this morning, I saw them sitting there in the flower department, looking at me. Could you refuse to bring that pretty face home!

I should blame it all on Spring Fever!
Now I pray we have had all the cold weather for now and prettier warmer days are here! 

Have A Blessed week!


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  1. You know, I am so glad we can't actually reach in through our computers because I would totally steal your food.

    1. Wish you could Sandi, then I wouldn't have eaten so many!

  2. I know your pain. lol I swear I could LIVE on sweets! I really try to stay away from them and not have them in the house-but now I am craving peanut butter cups and caramels. Thank you SO much...lol xo Diana

    1. Diana, the ones unwrapped are peanut butter cups and it didn't take me long to unwrap them either, I love peanut butter!

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Your post makes me smile. I can't eat chocolate/caramel like that. Makes me physically ill. So....once in a while I cheat...and even though I enjoy it at the moment, it always comes back to haunt me later...But I can enjoy your candy vicariously. And I love the daisies! Those are pretty harmless...and so fresh and cheery. Your teacup is delightful. Thank you for sharing this with us today. I enjoyed pretending I could eat all of that.

  4. I'm also guilty of having a sweet tooth and I love the way that tea magnifies the taste of chocolate. Happy First Week of Spring!

  5. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Looks just delicious. I am just as bad...sadly. Your fresh flowers are so pretty. Happy Spring!

  6. A lot of spring fever going around these days! The daisies are so pretty and looked nice on your table, next to the yummy candy! Yes, we share the same addiction!

  7. .. Hi Sylvia... your daisies are beautiful... I love them....
    Your sweets are some of my favourite flavours.. and your fresh biscuits look so tempting...
    I'm a sweet tooth addict too,as you can tell.
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  8. Who doesn't love cookie and chocolate??! And daisies too! Spring has sprung, for sure! Have a blessed Easter!

  9. Hi Sylvia, your daisies are as sweet as can be! Cookies and caramel go great together! You remind me of my dear friend who sets candy dishes out all over her house. I even think about the candy dishes when I drive by her house! :) Happy Spring!

  10. Oh, my...every tooth in my head is a sweet tooth...I'm totally addicted to sugar!!! Would love to share a cup of coffee and some cookies with you! ;)

  11. I'm right there worth toy when it comes to caramel! It goes together with nuts too. :-)
    Your daisies are lovely and do springy.

    Have a beautiful Easter.

  12. I love caramel and chocolate as well. This is a lovely fresh post Sylvia.


  13. I certainly couldn't have passed up those daisies! So pretty. I agree that chocolate and caramel are irresistible! Have a blessed day.

  14. I love daisies too, Sylvia. I also love chocolate and caramel together. I try to control myself when we have goodies in the house but my hubby gorges himself on this stuff. If there are treats around he eats them. Which is probably a good thing because if he didn't I might. ;-) That is a pretty teacup and saucer too which is perfect for Spring. Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.

    Easter blessings,

  15. I love the darkest choclat :-) And daisies are so sweet. Thanks for your nice photos.

  16. I have a sweet tooth too and YES chocolate and Carmel is the perfect combination! Yum! Your cookies look delicious too! Oh and those daisies are a perfect Spring flower!
    I hope you have a Blessed and Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Amy

  17. Oh I agree with you, those sweet things seem to have a way of calling my name too... your tea and sweets sure looked delicious! Happy to have met you today :) Happy Easter!

  18. I love your butterfly tea cup. I love chocolate/caramel candy and also caramel cake........and a caramel sundae from Dairy Queen!!! lol My favorite bakery had a caramel iced cake today and I wanted it but I was good! Some 30 years ago, I had an elderly neighbor who would share daisies from her garden with me. I love yours.


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