Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Warmer Days are here again!

Yesterday and today has been such a blessing,
getting outside and riding along the country roads, then playing in the dirt!  75 Degrees today! Yay!

We did that yesterday, hubby and I went for a drive. He is doing better, just having to use his oxygen more during the day.

We stopped just outside Pine Mountain, to have lunch at the 
Callaway Gardens Country Kitchen Restaurant.
Across the road is an overlook, just pass the flags is a very very deep drop. 

After we had eaten and was ready to leave, I saw this shrub.

 Don't know what it is but it had pretty flowers.
 So good to finally see some blooms.

We drove to the town of Pine Mountain, stopped at this antiques store that I love. Didn't buy anything, just looked.

On the way home my grandson called, he wanted to come  visit.  I put him to work (he really offered to plant my Iris),  My daughter brought me some Iris, when she got interested in gardening, I gave some to her. They multiply so she had plenty.

He planted them along the retaining wall.
I am getting in the mood to work outside and start a flower bed, but I am not able to dig and bend much so it will have to be something that can be planted shallow or Johnathan will come and plant for me.
Aren't grandchildren a blessing, especially when they enjoy helping!  He told me to buy some plants and he will come next week and plant them. Love that young man!

Hope you are enjoying some warm weather!
Be Blessed!



  1. Your grandson sounds like a keeper for sure! Yes, he is a blessing! My grandson lives too far away to be able to spend much time with us, and when we do get together there isn't enough time to "put him to work". But thankfully I still have two adult sons living here who do special things for me when I nag them hard enough! LOL. They are wonderful young men and I am blessed to have them. So glad you and your hubby could get out and enjoy the sights and warmer weather! It is quite warm here this week...almost too much too soon. But we will count our blessings.

  2. Blessings and beauty everywhere you look!


  3. Sylvia, It's just wonderful when our grandkids want to spend time with us. Then to offer to help us is a true loving kindness. Once my grandson Jake told me no matter when or where, if I wanted a coffee, he would make me one. He and I are close and I pray we will always be so. Bless you , your husband and your family. xoxo,Susie

  4. Grandchildren are wonderful blessings for sure! I love pine Mt. Have not been lately.

  5. Grandchildren are wonderful blessings for sure! I love pine Mt. Have not been lately.

  6. Grandchildren are awesome...we love ours so much, too. Looking forward to seeing your iris in bloom. My daffodils are budding....they're really old plants that came from my Mamaw. I agree about this weather...gorgeous.

  7. Hi Sylvia, isn't that weather beautiful? We reached a high of about 60 degrees here today, the snow just keeps melting and I like it that way. What a wonderful grandson you have, it sounds like he thinks the world of you. So glad to hear your husband is doing better. Have a great week, Kelly.

  8. .. Hi Sylvia... glad the weather is improving you...Spring is on it's way... glad your hubby is doing better..... your grandson sounds like a lovely young man. Look forward to seeing your Iris blooming later on..
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  9. I love to browse around in stores like that! I'm glad you were able to get out and that your husband is doing better. So nice that your grand son was able to plant your irises for you.

  10. I love to shop the antique stores, not so much true antiques, just old things. Mr D and I enjoy browsing thru items that remind us of our childhood. We call it 'junkin.' Wish I could play in the flower beds but health won't allow it, so I have many pot plants around the porch. I enjoy the color of flowers and the different shades of green on non-flowering plants.

  11. How nice for you and your hubby to get out, and how nice that your hubby is feeling better. What a nice grandson to offer to plant for you. Yes, that truly is a blessing!

  12. You know, you could get someone to make a raised bed for you, that way you would not have to bend down to work! I love Callaway Gardens, I haven't been there in years but I love that view from across the restaurant, I know right where that is!! Glad your hubby is better. God bless. xx


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