Monday, November 3, 2014

Reflections of the Day

Today is my daughter's birthday, a day of memories and reflections.  Yesterday we had our family dinner,as we do for each member of our family when their day comes around.  It was a good day, with love and happiness that we could all be together.  

My 3 girls are a blessing!
They are close with each,which is also a blessing!
Gina made her sister a carrot cake, her favorite.
So sweet of her and thoughtful.
This morning it was 34 degrees! Brrr --cold!
I went for a walk mid morning anyway, around the yard.
I was feeling a little old   down, it didn't last long though.
Had a little talk with myself as I walked around the yard.

I hadn't gotten far before I heard my little buddy behind me.

 He always goes along on my walks.

 The trees were just about naked  empty of leaves, the winds from the weekend had about blown them all away, leading to a little 
more of my feeling 'down'.

 Now I know each 'Fall' they must 'fall'  to the ground.
Now don't they come out again in the spring, after the cold and months of staying inside has past! Yes! That's what I told myself.

 My grandson's had been playing football yesterday and had left it on the ground right where they were playing. Just like a 10 and 12 year old. I picked it up and carried it back to the house so I could remember to give it to my daughter later in the week when she comes to visit.

  Next to the back patio is my angel trumpet. I do love how they look like an trumpet!  This morning they didn't look to happy either.
This is how they looked last week before it turned  brrrrr-cold !

Walking on down to the back section of our yard where it's mostly wooded, leaves where all over the ground. The poor play set that my hubby and I built for the grandchildren, when we first moved here 12 years ago, is looking a little sad also. One of the grandson's told me a few weeks ago it's about time to take it down. I can't find the heart to do that just yet. I can still see them playing on it, but now they've out grown it and don't anymore.

So back to the house, I walked around front and there was my hosta's ---- The cold had gotten to them also

This is how they looked today after the 34 degrees the last couple nights.

This is before Mr.Cold Weather game to visit us the last few nights.
Don't think he'll be welcome again!

Settling down with a good hot cup of Tea will help. Waiting for it to steep a couple minutes.

There's nothing like a little reflection and a walk to get one to  want a quiet time to just sit and count your blessings.
That's what I did, I chose a Darjeeling Black Tea to go with my carrot cake, my daughter was so kind to leave me. Darjeeling isn't my favorite tea but after all  I bought it so I must drink it, right?

 My tea cup is Queen Anne, English China.
I've had it awhile but love to bring it out 
and use it.

 Wouldn't you like a piece also, so glad you stopped by,please come again.

Have a Blessed Day!


Beth said...

Hi Sylvia, Your teacup is really pretty and the carrot cake looks awesome! A homemade carrot cake is rather time-consuming to make, so it represents a lot of love between your girls. :)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teacup is beautiful, Sylvia. And my, the carrot cake looks wonderful! I see you mind the cold like I do. It is only 35 degrees here today and we had a few flurries. I'm not ready for it and I find this time of year very lonely. The songbirds have left and the leaves have blown off the trees. It is almost depressing. I'm so thankful we have Christmas to look forward to. And there is always that lovely fire to curl up in front of with a cup of tea and a book. Thank you dear friend for joining me for tea today. I love having you. Have a beautiful week.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Believe it or not it was in the high 30's here at my house in the woods in Florida this morning! We had quite a chilly weekend for this time of year. I'm glad you ended your morning walk with a good hot cup of tea and some carrot cake...and some happy, positive thoughts. We have much to thank our God for each and every day...and when we are tempted to feel "down", we need to look up into His face and receive a dose of His amazing grace...and give thanks. That's what this month is all about..."give thanks, with a grateful heart." I know you do that already...and I am just reinforcing that for my own benefit as well. Blessings to you today sweet friend. Saying a prayer for you to be lifted up and to feel God's sOnshine on your face. xoxoxo

Lottie said...

Sylvia, thank you for sharing your walk with us. Leave the play set up for a while longer! My sweet dear Sylvia, thank you for all the pictures of that delicious looking cake,too! Yum!

Debbie Rawlins said...

Thanks for my special day yesterday mama. The Hawaiian chicken was yummy and my family now loves rice pilaf! Yes, Gina was so precious to make the carrot cake for me, considering how busy she is. It was fantastic! I'm glad you found the slices I left for you, I forgot to mention it to you before we left. It was as always, great to all be together. It does make me a little sad sometimes to for the kids to be outgrowing things like the play set. They are all such great kids and it's exciting to go along their journey with each passing year.
Love ya lots!

Ruth W said...

Thanks so much for coming over and joining me for today Sylvia. So glad to get to know you. I love Darjeeling, but a lot of folks don't, I know. The teacup is lovely and how nice to have some cake you didn't have to make! Lol! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

janice15 said...

Everything looks lovely, a lot of the time when I'm feelin a little down Garden does it for me a pick me up. It's not as cold here in San Franisco..but you surly can feel the cold air.. Today was colder than it has been.. Love that tea cup.. Glad you felt better. With love Janice

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely walk with us! I am sure your pretty tea was most welcome after a chilly time outdoors! Love your teacup and the cake looks so good!

Gentle Joy said...

Mmmmm, that cup of tea and the dessert look so appealing - especially after a walk around the property. :)

Susie said...

Sylvia, Glad you walked and cleared your thoughts. It's good for us to do that. Happy birthday to your daughter. We love our girls don't we? I have 4 daughters. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post Happy Birthday to your daughter and I am glad you all got together to celebrate. My two daughters are close, too. I am happy for that..and for your girls, too.
Your tee and dessert look good to me.

I do think the best thing to do on those days when we feel down or "old" is to get out and get moving. It always changes my attitude, too.

Have a wonderful night, Sylvia! xo Diana

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Sylvia: As you shared your walk, it almost felt like I was right there with you. Sorry you are feeling a little down. You are right, we must count our blessings. Where better to start than our children? Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Susan Clayton said...

There is something about Fall that makes us feel the passage of time and change. You're yard is lovely and ready for it's winter nap. I always think of the that poem by Robert Frost - the one about the orchard in winter. Blessing to you Sylvia.

Beth L. said...

I do love carrot cake. It is always a bit sad as fall takes away our summer gardens but Winter brings it's own beauty I think.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

How lovely to get together, for each Birthday. A sweet tradition.

Ahhh yes, it's November. The month which really tests our ability to "see the glass half full." Leaves dropping... Frost killing this and that... The soggy way, frost-bitten things look... Cold... Gray skies... Rain....

But it is all part of the Cycle of the Year. Borning... Blossoming... Dying... And back to Borning again, in the following Spring. Cycles... Cycles... Cycles...

I like to think of Winter as a time for slowing down, hunkering down, resting, comfy-at-home time, etc. Which sounds nice to me!! And November can be the transition time... From Summers "going, going, going"... to Winters' warm and comfy rest. :-)

There! Doesn't Nov. sound better, when thought of in this way?????


Fit and Healthy Baby Boomers said...

Indeed fall has arrived. Our morning temperatures are in the 30's already! Enjoyed accompanying you on your morning walk.
Regards, Sharon

Stephanie said...

My dear friend, I would love to have a piece of cake with you - it looks delicious! But you know what I would love more? I would love to just sit and talk with you for that would greatly bless my heart.

Your post was beautiful and a joy to read. May you have a lovely day. Love and hugs! said...

Thank you for sharing your cake.. A very happy Birthday to your daughter for yesterday Sylvia.
Its such a blessing to know that when our children are happy.
Your photos are beautiful.. they blue peeping through the trees is stunning.
love your cup..
Our weather is changing here too.
wishing you a happy week Sylvia. valx

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It was nice to walk around your yard with you and ponder a few of the things like the play set.
A pretty teacup this week and to comment about the darjeeling, I bought some too and I'm not sure I like the taste. The carrot cake looks delicious, isn't it nice when our daughters do the baking! Our two girls are very close too.

Amy said...

Good Afternoon dear friend! I am so glad you got to go for your little walk and just ponder such things. It is rather sad when all the leaves fall off the trees and the cold temps want to set in. And it's awfully sad when things start to wither away. We must always remember to water our soul and let God's light shine upon us daily. He doesn't want us to feel down and sad. I would just love to stop in and have a cup of tea with you. That would be such a wonderful blessing.

That carrot cake does look yummy. It's so nice that your family gets together to celebrate! Yep, I'm not much of a Darjeeling tea fan either. I like my Earl Grey or English Breakfast.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Hugs to you,

Donna Heber said...

Hi Sylvia,

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I'm sure you made her feel so special. My birthday was on the first. I like November babies ... LOL! Your teacup is darling and I love carrot cake. The autumn colors are fading. Blessings - Donna