Friday, November 14, 2014

Beauty of Autumn

Come go with us as we traveled to Pine Mountain to see the leaves. Yes, they have finally turned to a beautiful array of colors.

I hope you'll enjoy our drive. It was a long ride, miles over the mountain and then to the town of Pine Mt. and then through Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

Let's go!

I took so many photo's, but it wasn't too easy since I was driving. It was good that there wasn't a lot of traffic.

We stopped at Callaway Gardens Country Store for breakfast.

We sat at the window and the view was just as beautiful. You may not can tell from this photo but there is a deep drop  outside this window!!

After breakfast (which was at 10:30) we drove to the town of Pine Mountain.  On our way we passed Callaway Gardens. Love going there in the spring. I did a blog post about in the spring when we were there to see the flowers in bloom.

 Just had to run in this little 'Tea Room' and pick up some supplies!
I'll tell you all about it in a post in a couple weeks.

I love this town, it's small but has lots of great stores to shop!

I didn't eat there but did spend a good amount in the gift shop.
My poor hubby sits in the car while I shop. Bless him!

Ok, are we having fun or not!  

On through F.D.R. State Park to see if it's full of campers.

The office is made out of rock, if you aren't familiar with the history of President Roosevelt's love for this area during his time in office and the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia, you can research it online, you'll find it very interesting.

Ok, let's turn into the park now.
I do see a couple campers.

Lots of  Pine trees also.

Ok, I'm sure you are tired by now and it is getting late and I do have to get back in time to pick up 3 of my grandchildren from school today, I am looking forward to seeing them. I always love to spend time with them.

Have a Blessed weekend.


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  1. Sylvia- Those are all just gorgeous pictures! They are a beautiful tour of your area. I love those small towns. There is just something so neat about them. It is like stepping back in time a bit. The place you ate breakfast is just beautiful. I can tell there is a steep drop-off outside those windows-after you pointed it out.

    Looks like you had a fun day. The Mr. here sits in the car, too while I pop in and out of places. xo Diana

  2. I enjoyed coming along for the drive to see the autumn trees, it looks so peaceful along that road.

  3. That was such a lovely ride. Thank you. I enjoyed every mile of it! I'm glad you didn't have a wreck trying to drive and take pictures at the same time! LOL . I thought I was the only crazy lady that did that! We are two of a kind I do believe!
    So glad you had such a beautiful day together.

  4. Sylvia, Thank you so much for taking us all along with you. It is beautiful in your area. I loved that country store building, so charming. All the little shops had to be wonderful. You must have had an enjoyable time. Can't wait to see what you bought. xoxo,Susie

  5. Your colors are quite beautiful yet. Here you are still with leaves on the trees and we have had over 10 inches of snow already at our mountain home.
    We have had cold temps as well. Winter is here, ready or not!
    Your hubby is a good man to wait in the car while you shop. :-)
    It was good to visit here with you dear Sylvia.
    Sweet blessings, Debbie

  6. Wise to take such little driving trips, while it is still nice weather.

    Soon enough, full Nov. will kick in, and everything will be just soggy. ,-)


  7. Hi sweet friend! Thank you for "taking" us along with you :) Your drive was so beautiful and how fun to be able to go shopping at such sweet shops.

    Hugs to you!


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