Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Camping Trip

My grandchildren were out of school last week for Fall Break, on Tuesday I took my granddaughter,
Morgan, to lunch at the Tea Room in the nearby town.  I didn't have an orange teapot and was
so delighted when I found this one in the gift shop of the Tea Room.
Last Friday my hubby and I decided to take our small vintage camper to the state park where we
were going to have a family reunion on Sunday.  The weather was perfect, so cool and breezy.
So I packed up my little orange teapot and cups along with a few other fall items, and we headed
out for the park.

This is our 1969's cozy but somewhat comfortable.


I set up the table with my little orange teapot and some of the other items I had brought.
We decided to eat outside since the weather was so nice.  I had made homemade
chicken salad to bring along.  This is my hubby, he was hungry but was so sweet
to wait for me to take a picture.

Along with our lunch we had iced sugar cookies, perfect for a fall day. 


We ate a lot in those three days.
My son-in-law made me this sign for Christmas one year, he heard me say that I wanted one
and was going to make one myself but a lot smaller.  I sure was excited when I opened
my gift and saw this, he did a good job and made it to resemble our camper.
On Saturday my two oldest grandsons drove up to visit us and we took them to the Nature Center
near the state park.  This is a black bear that was at the back of his area.  Johnathan asked me
"How do you call a bear,Grandma" and I said that I didn't know, maybe you just said "Here bear".
Well that bear turned around and came right up to where we were.  Johnathan kept calling me the
bear whisper after that.
We never get tired of going to the Nature Center and seeing all the animals.  Here is a cougar, red tail hawk, and a couple different owls.
Hope you are enjoying the outdoors on these cool fall days.


  1. Oh my! I love your orange teapot...and I esp. love how you have it arranged in your adorable camper. Your hubby looks sweet too! Your son in law is talented...the sign is great! Now, the bear and the owls really caught my eye! Barred Owls are my favorite, having had a family of them in our back yard at our previous home for 5 years. We enjoyed watching and hearing them all the time as they raised their young in front of our eyes. (I have some blog posts about them). And Now, in my new home, we have the bears for our neighbors. They aren't quite as friendly as the owls, and since there are no bars or cages between us and them, we have to stay on guard... I loved your post. Wish we had a little camper like yours. Maybe someday when I can retire! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks Pam for stopping by, I always love your comments,they are so encouraging. We did enjoy our trip and we're planning another one in a few weeks but this time we'll stay in a cabin since it's getting harder for my husband with his COPD to manage the camper.


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