Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flowers and Tea


When I heard  the weather report yesterday I thought of my hanging and pot plants.  It was going to be 38 degrees.  I have truly enjoyed them on my back covered patio this summer.

My iceberg roses have been pretty since the weather turned cooler.  I cut a bouquet and took them inside.
I found this pitcher at a goodwill store and it makes a good flower vase.
I made myself and my musical doll, my friend had given me, a cup of peppermint tea.
My teacup is just  a regular cup with pretty pink and rose color roses on it.
I made some chocolate covered cookies.  Just break graham crackers into small pieces then
spread peanut butter on them and dip in melted chocolate.  It only takes a few minutes and
they are ready to eat! So simple and yummy!
It was 38 degrees this morning, the lowest so far, and very windy due to Hurricane Sandy.  My
plants were OK this morning.  I was thinking the cold might get them.


I pray that everyone is safe this morning after the storm last night.
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  1. Hello Sandi,
    Your tea time is lovely! I do love Iceberg roses too and I hope yours are o.k. after the chill.
    The vase you found looks great with them in it. It is a pretty vase!
    Your roses tea cup too is beautiful! I have on similar that I like very much.

  2. Good morning Sylvia,
    Your post is just beautiful! I love your pretty white roses and dollie. What a lovely jug to hold your flowers. Your teacup is very pretty and I love chocolate and peanut butter! You have a lovely wandering jew! I had one years ago and I miss it now that I see yours! Thank you for coming to tea, my friend, and enjoy your day.


  3. Your flowers are beautiful! How nice they are still doing well. Everything in our area is turning brown. Your teacup is lovely! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love your beautiful musical doll and her beautiful blue, BLUE eyes. I love all of your white settings in the first few photos. Your flowers are so gorgeous and sure bring a smile. Your "regular cup" doesn't look so regular to me. The art is very elegant. They look very calming and I sure would enjoy a cup of tea in that set. And what a smart way to have a quick treat! I think I will have to try this with my granddaughters. LOVED have tea with you today.

  5. I love the white "iceberg" roses! I've never seen those before! Lovely! And the pitcher is adorable! Of course I love dolls, and I don't have a musical doll...what music does she play? She's very pretty. Your teacup is not very ordinary..it is lovely...Thanks for sharing this with us. The cookies look too good to eat! Glad your flowers didn't get frosted. It was 44 at our house here in FL this morning, and I had ice on my car windshield, and frost on the rooftop! Wow! That is early for us too!
    Glad the Hurricane didn't bring you any other bad weather. Praying for our northern friends.
    Blessings to you today.

  6. Your iceberg roses are lovely and look wonderful in the pitcher. The rose teacup looks great with peppermint tea! Yum! Happy Tea Day!

  7. Hi Sylvia, Your roses are so beautiful; in fact, all of your plants are looking good. The cookies look good and easy to make as well. I like your teacup with the roses too. What a nice tea!

  8. Hi Sylvia,
    I love your teacup! It goes so well with your white roses, so beautiful! Your flowers are looking so fresh and pretty for this time of year. Last week I brought in my geraniums and so glad I did as we got a hard frost a few days ago. Great idea for the sweets, I'll have to try that! Have a wonderful week and happy tea day.

  9. Your flowers are so pretty, especially the ice berg roses. I am going to have to plant some myself next year. I love them.

    What a pretty teacup, roses to go with the roses.

  10. What lovely flowers! I love the iceberg roses. Your tea cup is very pretty. And those cookies look so delicious and easy, I'll definitely have to give them a try.

  11. Hi Sylvia,
    Your iceberg roses are gorgeous! And your tea cup is the same one my aunt just gave me a few weeks ago, how fun is that?! :) Maybe we'll have to "get together" sometime and have tea :) Have a lovely day!

    Hugs to you,

  12. Hi Sylvia, I am glad your lovely plants survived the storm and cooler weather. So many people have suffered from that storm. Love the graham cracker tip. I could do this. Smile. Your white roses are gorgeous and the darling doll with the tea just makes me smile.
    xo, Jeanne

  13. Hi Sylvia! I can almost taste those wonderful chocolate covered cookies from your photos! And those iceberg roses are just beautiful! Love your blog!

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments, I do read all of them and appreciate them. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  15. Love your post! I need your email address for a special announcement! Email me at jeanlinda.french@gmail.com



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