Friday, October 7, 2016

In the Eye of the Storm

Please pray for the People that live along the coast of these states that are in danger due to Hurricane Matthew! 

"Take my Hand"

When the storms of life are raging
And there's trouble 'cross the land;
We can almost hear Him whisper,
Precious children "Take my Hand".

There's no sickness, I can't conquer;
There's no storm, I cannot calm;
For I paid for all your trials,
With the nail-prints in My palm.

(Short version of the poem)

Be Blessed!


  1. Joining you in prayer. Thank you for these sweet lyrics.

  2. My heart and prayers along with you all are with those in this horrible storm. My daughter is in Ocala FL. and so far she says just rain where she is. Have a day of blessings dear Sylvia

  3. Both beautiful songs and that is a cool pic of the map. Some of our friends in Florida have escaped the worst of it, I think. Praying for everyone else and for the storm to move out.

  4. Sylvia, I am praying for our east coast states. Some very wonderful cities in the storms path. So many people will need our help when this is through. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  5. Matthew means gift of God. I hope that's somehow what this storm turns into.

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    1. Beautiful, Ms. Sylvia. This storm is so scary. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, Sylvia- I have always loved that poem. My dad and I used to spend hours reading poetry when I was young and I used to be able to quote quite a few poems by memory. I am praying for all those on the East coast and in the south. xo Diana

  8. Beautiful post with very appropriate song lyrics! Praying for safety for all :)

  9. .. beautiful post Sylvia.... joining you in Prayer xxx
    ...Barb xxx

  10. Hoping all is well in your part of the state. Praying for all those affected by the storm.


  11. I am late to comment, but trust me I was praying for everyone right along with you. :) ((hugs))

  12. Praying for all in the storms path. Your blog is so lovely. I am making the rounds, trying to catch up and it seems it is harder then we think! SO many wonderful friends to say hello to. I hope your week is good and this weekend better. Joyful Blessings, Anne

  13. Hoping everyone stays safe.Hugs♥

  14. I'm a week late seeing your post for last week, due to being in "the eye of the storm" just as you were writing this. Thank you for your prayers. As you know, we were spared the full brunt of the storm, and are SO thankful. God is so good. Still praying for those still suffering in the Carolinas as we speak now. May God send His angels to minister to them.

  15. Never a bad time to read something this wonderful. I am behind in my reading, but sure appreciate this post!

    Thanks, Syl. Hugs. Hope you are well, my sweet friend.


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