Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Flowers love the Rain and updates!

There has been some changes in my yard lately!
Some small and some large!
We have had some days that it rained a lot and
some just a little, but it sure helped my flowers.
 Just look at this huge Elephant Ear plant.

This pretty Crape Myrtle was planted last fall.

 The 'America Climbing Rose' has reached the top of the arbor trellis!
 I am loving the pretty Roses that continue to bloom.

 The Hosta's always thrive here.

Now to update on what's going on:
This next photo was taken at the beginning of spring.
My patio looks so much different and better now.

A few weeks ago I was surprised when my daughter
came and asked if I was ready. I said 'for what?'
We had been talking about taking down the patio cover, well she wasn't going to do it herself, but the boys and men were on their way too!

Here they are! My two older grandsons loved being on top of the roof. It had began to look a little a lot ragged, to say the least.

 This is how it looks now.

I had to move half of my plants to the front porch since there were no where to hang them.

I am always moving them around, can't ever decide how I like it best!

We never used the front porch much, so I didn't get around to putting plants in the planter box my hubby built for me a few years ago, maybe I'll put mums in them soon, for fall.
We sit on it mostly now since it's been so hot and the patio is in the sun. Milo (cat) has moved to it also.


 I put this post in the draft until I could buy the mums, now I am ready for fall!

I hope you are having a great day.
"This is a Good Day 
Have a Good Day"

Be Blessed


  1. I love your front porch! It looks so inviting! Your flowers in your yard are gorgeous! I'm a little confused by the pictures of the patio before and after...doesn't look like the same place! Do you plan to re-cover it, or leave it open? Either way, I am sure will enjoy it this winter! I love seeing your lovely home and gardens. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a blessed day all day. Love your mums too. I am getting anxious to get some here as well.

  2. What a difference that makes! It may be a more sunny spot but using your front porch is a great idea. Everything is so lovely!!

  3. Love this! You must have a green thumb!

    One of my favorite family photos is of my Grandpa and my Aunt standing behind one of those elephant ear bushes. Then a few years later doing it again. The plant gets much bigger. :)

  4. Everything looks so pretty! Your plants look so pretty and green. There's just something about rain that plants love more than the water hose!

  5. Your porch is the most inviting part of your post! I hope you'll enjoy sitting there a lot this fall!

  6. Sylvia, Your patio will have the sun now and that beautiful front porch will provide shade. I love your porch. The mums look perfect there in the planter. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. family help is the best.

  7. Oh, your patio and flowers are gorgeous! So glad to have the rain, we need it!
    God bless!

  8. Front porch looks lovely wish we could have some rain at the moment.. its screaming hot here the last three days here in San Francisco.. with love Janice

  9. You have such a pretty and healthy garden, Syl! Your hard work sure is making your home look awesome.

    Still super hot here, but trying hard to get inspired around here, too. Mums are certainly one of the first things to make it feel fall, even though it is HOT HOT HOT!


  10. Looks wonderful! Wow that elephant ear is huge!
    I love your front porch and those mum's sure set it off beautifully, Sylvia. They will look perfect when fall is in full swing.
    Mum's are one of my favorite plants, and I love their fragrance.
    Your grandsons did a great job in the tearing down process. You are blessed to have them.

    It's good to see you!
    Much love, Debbie

  11. Everything looks wonderful and your flowers are amazing!!

    Hugs, Amy

  12. Everything looks wonderful and your flowers are amazing!!

    Hugs, Amy

  13. Your yard looks pretty, Sylvia! I especially like your front porch. So pretty. Your crepe myrtle is a stunning plant and I love your big elephant ears!


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