Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Past

I titled this post "Christmas Past" 
since I am not decorating at my home this year, I will show
you some photo's from Christmas past. This is
from a Christmas in the  '90s, These are my dolls
enjoying Tea with Santa. Many of these I have
given to my two granddaughters.

 We are packing to move within the next couple weeks. I hope to be able to decorate in our new 

My daughter gave me this Caroler in 2002 for Christmas,
I love her and still use her today.

My sister gave me this sleigh a few years ago.
I loved filling it with ornaments. 

I found these candle holder deer, at a thrift store
a few years ago. They were gold and I painted 
them white. I love white!

Every year just before Christmas my grandchildren and I have a cookie bake day.  Hopefully we will still be able to do it this year also. We may need to have it at one of there homes. We make gingerbread men each year, this is a photo from a couple Christmas's ago. They do so good decorating them.

 The fiber optic Angel Tree Topper is a favorite!

Love my Holly Christmas Teacup my daughter gave me last year.

Yes, even Madi let me dress her for Christmas.
It's always nice to remember pass Christmas's 
and the fun and Love that surrounds it, but 
let's not forget what the True meaning of Christmas

Hope to see you tomorrow for Christmas Present!

Have a Blessed Monday!


  1. I enjoyed seeing a sample of your Christmas past. I love gingerbread men and I know you and the grands will enjoy baking and decorating this year.

  2. A great way to get into the spirit without decorating! Taking a walk down memory lane of Christmas' past.
    Love you,

  3. Sylvia:
    I would love to have you come share all your dolls at my blog party! Very fun posting!

  4. All your Christmas pretties are pretty! I really loved the dolls with Santa, what a sweet idea that is! Can you believe, we used to do cookie day too, always fun. The kids are all grown now and trying to get them together at the same time is hard to do, but the precious memories will always be with me. Hope you're have a great day! ((hugs)) oops, I almost forgot, Madi looks beautiful in her Christmas attire.

  5. O, a new home for Christmas. Fun fun...the same as it was for us nearly 3 yrs ago...we moved right at Christmas time, too.
    worked out just fine.
    Grandgirls and I have a Cookie Night, too, where we bake and eat and laugh and eat some more.

  6. It is so much fun to peek back and see what the past years were like. We don't have a lot of pictures anymore of Christmas past. I gave most of the to the four kids (divided them up). So much fun to see how things have changed and how we still love many of the same things we always did. xo Diana

  7. Love your pictures from the past. Also the dolls tea party! I hope your granddaughters appreciate those lovely dolls! Soon you will be in your new home and you will have fun getting it ready for Christmas, even if you can't do a lot of decorating this will put your personal "stamp" on your home in no time at all and will find new things to enjoy and celebrate there. Take care and don't overdo it during this time. Yes, bake the cookies at one of your family members' homes with the kids this year. That might be a new fun tradition! Blessings to you dear friend.

  8. Your tea with Santa made me smile! It's always fun to reminisce about past Christmases. Best of luck with the move!

  9. What a sweet and fun tea. You certainly had a nice doll collection. I am sure your granddaughters love their pretty dolls from grandma.

    Congratulations on your new home. That is exciting. PS, Madi is adorable.


  10. It's so fun to see some of your Christmas decorations and the doll tea party. Good luck with packing! Not an easy task during the holiday season.

  11. I loved this in 2015, and still love it today!! Although, you ARE decorating your house this year, and it looks very lovely from what I've seen of the pictures!


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