Monday, January 4, 2016


Good Monday Morning!

 Even though the sun is shinning through the window, it is in the low 40's this morning.
You can feel the cold weather coming, or
is it just my arthritis!

I am still unpacking, guess I'll be doing this for awhile. I sat as many of my teacups and
teapots on the table as I could get until I can decide which I want to keep out and which to pack back up.With so little room to put them all out, they'll have to stay boxed up and taken out 
when I want to use another one.

This is my new verse I repeat over and over.
God is so good to me and I am finding it easier
to 'be still' and do what I can when I can, instead 
of forging ahead like I normally do. 

May I never need to move again!

Thank you Lord for this Blessed Day!

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  1. Happy New Year, dear Sylvia! I am going to have the same problem when we down-size. What teacups to keep out and which ones to pack up. Having moved fifteen times in our marriage, I think I know how you feel. Moving is never any fun and the older we get, the harder it is. We need a space where I have no stairs to climb and I am looking forward to that. But the moving part; no! I like the quote you shared and I will remember that. Thank you for sharing and joining me for my little party. Wishing you a delightful week and some restful moments from unpacking. Take care!


  2. I don't enjoy moving and we haven't done so now for over 30 years, nearly 40 in fact if I stop and think about it. So i don't want to, but sometimes wish we were in a smaller house - only as far as cleaning it goes though. Enjoy putting your 'things' out and about.


  3. I'm glad you're settled in your new place but sorry you've had to downsize. We're getting ready to do that this year so I'll be asking for some advice soon!

  4. "Peace. Be still". Those are the words that Jesus said to calm the waters, and it would be good for us to remember the words too!
    You will settle in soon and everything will be just as you like it, I just know it!!

  5. Moving is not fun...just take you'll find a place for everything. Even if it's in a box under the bed!! lol I really can relate, went through the same thing just a few years ago. It'll all be warm and cozy soon enough.

  6. Hello, I can only imagine all the work and new things that need to be done in your move! I do hope you are enjoying it and making some new memories for yourself and loved ones! Change is always something that I find a bit of a chellenge! I do want to say may this new year be filled with a new adventure and many lovely and peaceful cups of tea!
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. Moving is never fun but the unpacking can be like a treasure chest! Good luck finding that special place for your treasures and getting all settled in...Happy New Year!

  8. Although unpacking is a lot of work it can be a journey of rediscovery as you unpack and rediscover your treasures. Happy New Year.

  9. Every day is a new adventure for you as you open boxes and enjoy seeing your treasures again. Enjoy your new life. It is a gift from God to you. Take your time, and savor the journey. Love you to and Happy New Year!

  10. Love that verse! Praying things get easier for you soon! You have a lot of beautiful china on your table! :)
    Happy New Year to you and wishing you many blessings in your new home!

  11. What a perfect verse you've shared, Sylvia. Bless you as you find places for all your treasures. Happy New Year in your new home.

  12. Love the verse, Sylvia! Moving isn't fun, but just think of all the treasures you have in those boxes. May God bless you on this new journey and may you create new memories along the way!
    Hugs to you,
    Amy ♡

  13. Love the verse, Sylvia! Moving isn't fun, but just think of all the treasures you have in those boxes. May God bless you on this new journey and may you create new memories along the way!
    Hugs to you,
    Amy ♡

  14. Wishing you the very best in settling in your new home, Sylvia! Here's to making your hew house your own!

  15. Dearest Sylvia, you have been on my heart and in my thoughts ever since I learned you were moving. I truly hope you're able to enjoy your new home to its fullest :)

    Thank you for sharing the verse with's simply perfect and I can see why you're claiming it. Love to you!

  16. Hi Sylvia,
    Hope you will get things done the way you wished. The verse is great and I know what you mean.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year too !!

    Wilma,Shabby Royale.


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