Thursday, April 27, 2017


This has been a good week, I was sitting outside on the back patio and my hubby said 'look their is a bird on the birdhouse'.
See the twigs in her mouth.

Need to straighten the house, but the wind blows it every time I do.

A bluebird was making a nest in our birdhouse that we put up last year.

I sat there taking photo's, guess she didn't like her picture taken so she flew away. Sure hope she comes back.  I went inside so maybe she did.

Then later when we were sitting in the same place, a mama Brown Thrasher hopped up with her baby. Last week I saw the Mama and the baby, there were two then, I think something got one of them, now there's only one.

Baby hops around following the mama everywhere.

The blue birds are back and I think they are
building a nest to
raise a family in our little

This is the male bluebird.
I checked on the internet, since I wasn't sure of which one was female.

Here are the photo's I found.

Female  and   Male
photo from internet

Female Bluebird photo from internet.

I love nature, especially birds,
they are so fun to watch and listen to them sing.

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. Good morning!
    Thank you this beautiful post this morning...We love birdies here too...
    Flynn is studying Robins in homeschool this week. : )
    And I have seen a Blue Jay flying around!
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Oh how aw3esome, Sylvia!

    We had a bluebird family the last two years and something gets the whole clan every. single. time.

    First time I realized it happened I cried like a baby - I had never seen a bluebird up close like that!

    I was very sad about the missing baby thrasher. : - (

    Keep in mind in the bird world it's always the males that have the pretty color: goldfinches, cardinals, etc. Weird, huh?

    The shade of blue of bluebirds is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy bird watching!

  3. We don't have Bluebirds here, sadly. They are just so lovely.

  4. You are so blessed to have these birds to photograph and thanks for sharing with us. I have not seen any blue birds at our current home. I love to watch birds, especially woodpeckers! I guess you are having rain today just like us. A drastic change from yesterday's weather!

  5. We love watching the little birdies too! All of them are busy making homes and preparing for their babies...We have a covered porch that still needs to be finished and well a few of the birds dive bomb you when you walk out under the porch. Very protective they are! I've been waiting for the sound of baby chirps...

    Thanks for sharing the male and female birds, I'll have to share this with my boys.

    Have a delightful day!

    Hugs, Amy

  6. Oh what a treasure!! To have real bluebirds nesting in your birdhouse is quite a joy and blessing! so happy for you! We expect to see lots of pictures as they make progress on their new home. I found with the Chickadees in my birdhouse that they really didn't like me sitting too nearby when they were building the nest and feeding the babies. But eventually they got used to be being around. However, now I think they are gone as I haven't seen them for a while coming and going. I never got to see the babies either. So I hope you will have better luck in watching yours. Love the brown thrasher baby too!! so sweet. Thank you for sharing more of God's "little blessings" with us.

  7. How sweet to see the bird house being used. Springtime with all the newness of life brings such joy to ones heart.
    Our weather has been very wet with snow today and I was watching our wild turkeys that hang out on our property as they nestled in under the big pine tree content to fluff their feathers and bathe. Why go out in the storm when you can find peace under the pine tree where they know they are safe.

    Have a blessed day~

  8. I love watching the birds around here, too. It would be fun to be able to get up inside and see what's gonna on in their nest. My husband always tells me that the male of the species is the most colorful!

  9. We don't have bluebirds but we have bluejays! I love to watch the birds, we have a birdbath outside the window by our kitchen table. I love to sit there and watch the birds play in the water.

  10. Oh, what a sweet post, my friend! I simply love birds and seeing your precious feathery friends brought a smile to my face.

    Happy weekend! Love and hugs!

  11. I love the birds, too. We've got Robins and Mockingbird nests in the bushes close to the house... I'm enjoying the babies... when Momma doesn't try to attack me! 😄 Sorry I couldn't have the link up today... Hope you get your Google issues worked out! Have a great weekend!

  12. Those are great pictures and I love birds, too. We have some beautiful blue buntings that stop here for a few days on their way north. I always look for them and enjoy their bright indigo color. Glad you have some 'nesters'. xo Diana

  13. I love birds too, I was just telling my son earlier listen to this bird through the window... I bought a bird house two years ago but no visitors.. I was hoping.. glad for you.. have a wonderful weekend with love Janice

  14. Hi Sylvia; You are blessed to be able to take so many wonderful photos of birds. I miss that. When I had my own home I used to love to photograph all the birds in Spring with their new born. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  15. Hi Sylvia, the birds have been going crazy here too. All of our houses are stuffed and they have been singing their tunes. Like you I enjoy the peacefulness of watching them.

  16. Beautiful bird photos! What kind of camera do you use? If you don't mind me asking.
    Just popped in from another blog. I enjoy this time of year too with everything blooming.

  17. I so enjoy bird watching too. What a pleasant surprise to have a blue bird nesting in your birdhouse. We seem to only see 1 here each year if we're lucky. They are so beautiful.


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