Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 I finally got to go visit the Paris in a Tea Cup  tea room.  I've been wanting to go there since it opened last year.  The first of last week my friend and I had one of our "Rambling" days.  That's what we call it when one of us gets to needing a girls day out.  We will call up and ask "do you want to ramble today?" of course I am always ready to go.  First we stopped in Senoria and had breakfast at The Coffee shoppe.  The flowers along the sidewalk were so pretty.

We shopped in the town for an hour or so and then on to Sharpesburg to the large house called "Collectible  Corner's".  There is so much to see in there that we finally had to stop and eat.  The tearoom "Paris in a Tea Cup" is in this building.  

It is decorated in the Parisian style.

 While we were having our lunch, the owner played the piano.

I had Chicken salad with broccoli and cheese soup.  Since I had already had tea and coffee for the morning I just had a glass of ice water.

After we had our lunch we shopped some more, then back to Griffin where we had heard of a new store called "The Chicken House".  I had to ask how they chose that name, Nina the owner, collects chicken's  (not live ones). We really enjoyed visiting there, the owners were so friendly. Since they hadn't received their licences to sell tea or coffee they were giving it away free.

Here is John, he and his wife Nina are the owners, he is making me a cup of Mango Ceylon Tea.  It was very good and I had to bring a tin home with me.  

 When I got home I had to have another cup. I also bought this teapot honey dipper at the "Chicken House"..

These cup filters works great when you only want to have one cup of tea.  I got them at the "Chicken House" also.  

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. WOW- now I tell ya I would just LOVE "rambling"
    with you anytime, Sylvia- you took us with you and that was FUN!

    What a special day- just good for a gal's soul!

  2. Looks like such a lovely place!

  3. Sylvia, that looks like the most fun! It is nice to have a friend to "ramble" with! The pictures were all great and made me feel I was right there with you!
    Great post!

  4. What a delightful place to visit and how lovely to have live piano music :) Thanks for sharing your pictures - they were a joy to look at.



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