Thursday, April 25, 2013


This week is Spring break for some of my grandchildren. My husband and I decided to rent a cabin and a campsite, since there wouldn't be enough beds in the cabin to sleep 8 of us. We took our vintage camper for two to sleep in.   We wanted to spend a couple of days with our 3 girls and 4 of our grandchildren.  It wasn't enough time but then it never is, when you love being with those that are near and dear to you.  We made the most of the time we did have by doing different things together.

This was our cabin. A two bedroom with kitchen,living room and eating area together.  One bath for all of us. This cabin was built in the 1930's when President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the State Parks to create jobs during his term as president.  This is at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park near Pine Mountain,Georgia, my favorite State Park.  President Roosevelt visited here often when he was at the "Little White House" in Warm Springs,Ga. which is only a few miles away.

The screen porch looked out over the lake.

The  two sunsets we were blessed to see were beautiful!
This is looking through the screen on the porch. (from the rocking chairs)

Of course that's were you would find me most of the time.

Playing Phase 10 was a game that was played both nights!

The boys would play ball on the driveway!

They loved to fish and got a lot of fishing time in.  They caught 5 of them.  Papa taught them how to clean them themselves.  They were excited to learn and cooked them on the campsite fire, and then ate them.  Morgan, my 14 year old granddaughter was right there with the boys.

This was our campsite with vintage camper.

Sign my son in law made me.
The camper is a 1969 Frolic.

FDR State Park is really beautiful.  There are trails to walk along.  The trail even goes from the cabin side of the lake over a bridge on the creek side to the campsite.

It made it easy for us to go between places.

We did a lot of just sitting and enjoying the scenery!

There were beautiful wild azalea's.

On Wednesday morning before we left in the evening, there were a  papa and mama geese with their little ones feeding along the lake. I took some bread down and they let me get pretty close to them. Aren't they cute!!

Fun was had by all and we didn't want to leave.  Our days were blessed!

Hope yours are Blessed also!


  1. Oh Sylvia what a wonderful post- such fun!

    I love this mini vacation- love getting close to nature. We used to do a LOT of camping, but the older we get the less our joints enjoy it.

    I think this park is amazing - love your rockers pic and that butterfly pic is poster perfect!


  2. How wonderful to get to spend time with your grands! Do you know you can buy a $10 lifetime pass to all national parks if you are over 62? We have used ours many times already. Blessings, Debbie bty I am now following your blog, I love to find other christian women.

  3. What a fun family time together! Those are memories made that will last forever. We rent a condo every Spring Break and take our children and grandchildren. It's the best week of the year!

  4. What a glorious time spent together with your family! You are SO Blessed, Grandma!!! Thank you for sharing with us. Made me want to go camping again big time...some day...when I retire...please Lord?

  5. It looks like a wonderful time away with your family - your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us :) And the baby geese are adorable!

    Hugs and love,

  6. What a beautiful place! Those baby geese are so cute --- and I love the cabin, scenery, and that you had a great time with your family. I smiled when I realized that 1969 probably really is vintage --- but I really don't think that it was all that long ago. Cute trailer! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Sylvia,
    What a beautiful family vacation! Looks like a wonderful place to spend time with family. Love the butterfly and floral photo!

  8. You know, I have been to Callaway Gardens but never to FDR State Park in Pine Mountain. I have a friend who loves to camp there.
    Your cabin looks great, with that lake right beside it!
    Thanks for showing this, I just might see you down there next Spring!!


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