Friday, May 31, 2013


The nest is empty and the babies have flown away!

I looked up Mockingbirds on the Internet and I learned the babies must have been hatched awhile before I found them.  It said after 12 days they would leave the nest and hop around on the limbs and even on the ground until they could forge for themselves.
This is what I found yesterday afternoon.

And hop they did!

This morning I went out to check and all was gone, even the parents.  I guess they are fast learning birds.  I did try to pick this one up to put it back on the bush, but it spread it's little wings and ran really fast under some brush that I hadn't picked up.  The mama was on the wire so I didn't run after it in fear that she might attack me.  Oh well I must leave all to Mother Nature.  No, Milo, never even offered to harm them.  When he kills something he always brings it and lays it at the back door. Nothing at the back door this morning,  Good kitty!



  1. LUCKY you! Baby mockingbirds!
    You can always tell an adult mockingbird, it will be gray with white wingbars and a long tail.
    Also, it is one of the few birds that will dive-bomb a cat!
    We had baby Brown Thrashers!
    They are beautiful too and as you know, our State Bird! I hope to do a post about them soon.

  2. Wow! They must be quick learners indeed! I noticed some young Cardinals in my back yard this morning, and the Daddy Cardinal was getting seed for them and feeding them. They flew onto my window, thankfully not INTO by window, but they kept flying around it and looking inside. I pray they don't get hurt. We've had too many birds fly into it and break their little necks. I've hung some wind chimes in front of the windows and put some decals on the windows that birds are supposed to be able to see and it should deter them.
    Enjoy your birds...they can't be too far away!

  3. They are just so adorable! They don't stay in their nest for very long, do they? Thanks for sharing their baby bird sweetness with us.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Love and hugs!

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    Those baby birds are so cute! We had seven nest this year. Took photos of some of them to post about it. :)

  5. What adorable little babies. I usually can never find them once the nest is empty. I'm glad you were able to get a picture of them Sylvia.

  6. Aren't baby birds soooo adorable !


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