Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Morning Walk

"Thou wilt shew me the path of life;
in thy presence is fullness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore"  Psalm 16:11

Each morning I love to get up early and sit on the back patio and listen to the birds sing and enjoy a cup of tea and admire God's beauty as I approach the day.  No matter how difficult my situation may be at the time, there is peace and joy knowing I have the presence of God in my life to direct me in the right direction when I get on the wrong path.  

It has been raining about every day, some mornings I drive the 10 miles into town and walk around the pond at the park.

All around this park is a concert sidewalk, the path goes down into the woods behind it also.  It's great to see the geese on the pond and sometimes children are there feeding them. 
But this morning I chose to walk in my yard with Madi (chihuahua)

Look close and you can see the rain falling on the fence. I like to put  buckets out to catch the rainwater, then water the potted plants.  See the pot in the upper right corner....that's is where the new bird's nest is that I found last week.  Now there are 3 small eggs in it.

The mama bird flew in it while I was sitting there, but when I got my camera and started to take a picture of her sitting on the eggs, she flew away.  Sure hope I didn't scare her and cause her not to come back.

I wondered outside and came across this mushroom. It was so big.  A little farther now the path was one that was shaped like a birdbath.

There is so much still to do in my 2 acre's , maybe I can talk my grandson to come back and help me finish, or at least do a little  at a time.  The rain is good but the grass (and weeds) grow so fast.
On the arbor there is a Lady Banks rose and I'd love to move it since it doesn't get enough sun.  Maybe someone can advise me on doing that.  It's been planted about 2 years.  The day lilies are about to open, they should be pretty.  The lantana around the plant stand is starting to bloom.

It's always nice to have tea and cookies at the end of each walk.  

My teacup is "Crown Trent" fine bone China...from Staffordshire,England.


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  1. What a beautiful place to walk and what an inspirational place. I love what you see when you sit on your porch. It's beautiful.

    1. Thanks Gretchen, for visiting with me today and leaving a nice comment. I love to sit outside in the rocking chair and observe nature.

  2. I just took a little "break" from my work here in the office and enjoyed my "walk" around your yard with you. I wish I was actually there, listening to the rain fall gently on the grass/trees, and sipping a cuppa tea with you right now! I have about 15 minutes to go at work, then I can go home and enjoy my own yard, if it isn't too hot to go out and stroll. I don't think it is raining, but I wish it would. I usually wait until after supper when the sun as gone behind the trees to take my evening walk about. You have inspired me to do just that for certain tonight! I need the exercise...and the peace that calms my soul. Thank you!

  3. it was a pleasure visiting; have a blessed Wednesday

    much love...

  4. Oh Sylvia, what a beautiful yard you have. Your morning walk was so delightful and your tea and cookies so welcoming! Every morning I do the same, walk around my flower beds to see if the deer came in and nibbled! I usually have my little doggie, too!

  5. Beautiful photos, Sylvia. The bridge is absolutely stunning :) Your tea cup is darling and your cookies look very tasty. Thank you for sharing your sweet day with us.

    Love and hugs!

  6. Love that bridge. Your flowers are beautiful too.

  7. What a peaceful place to renew ones soul. So much beauty to take in. The bridge is a little dream. Amazing photos Sylvia. Thank you for visiting me.


  8. Sylvia, Your yard is just beautiful! Indeed, a place to renew and refresh! The pond is beautiful too. Glad you got needed rain. I love the little nest and eggs. How special it will be to watch the babies!

  9. This is such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing.

    Jocelyn @

  10. What a lovely post. You do have a lot of work with all that land, but it is beautiful. Love the tea cup. Roses are my favorites. Blessings, Martha

  11. Beautiful photos Sylvia. I love the begonia in the teacup. Thank you for sharing.

  12. What a beautiful garden, I want to sit with you and have a cup of tea!

    Don't worry about that bird not coming back, I am sure that it did and I hope you see baby birds soon! God bless!

  13. What a great yard. Love the fence and the pillar plant stand is very pretty. You can have a great walk around town or in your yard.

  14. Dear Syl,

    Your yard is so beautiful - and your photography even captured that falling rain!

    The path over the brook at the park is stunning.

    I sure hope Momma bird comes back to her "unborn babies!"

    Lovely tea, as always. Wish I were there with you.

  15. Hi Sylvia,
    Love having tea with you and visiting your yard! Everything is so pretty! That park near you is also beautiful! Thank you for sharing all that beauty with us and thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments!


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