Friday, June 14, 2013


After the rain comes the sunshine!  I love it how everything is so clean and fresh after it has rained.  Last night the thunder and rain woke me, I smiled and went back to sleep.  We did need the rain since it has been 96 degrees on Wednesday and 92 degrees yesterday.

The rabbits come out to play.

The birds sing!

I finally put some seed in the feeder,  hopefully the squirrels won't find it, so far they haven't, but they will.  The birds are back now, the redbirds, sparrows, doves and woodpeckers.  This morning  I sat on the patio enjoying the coolness of the air and listening to them sing.

There were two doves sitting on the limb in the pine tree.

I walked around the yard and took a few pictures of my flowers. The hydrangea is blooming.

The bee balm is looking good against the hosta.

The potato vine is growing fast.  I planted it to look like a waterfall.  Two plants in two different pots.  Oh, and look what I found in one of the flower pot amongst the pansies and colea.

 Another birds nest.  This one is built different, it has a small entrance hole then it gets larger. I think it's a Le Conte Sparrow.  It landed on the fence next to the flower pot and had a fit cause we were sitting so close by.  I found it yesterday and haven't seen the bird since, there isn't any eggs in it yet so don't know if she has abandoned it.

I went on the Internet and looked it up.  This is what the bird looked like.

My 14 year old grandson spent the last two days with me.  He came to help me do some yard work.  It was so hot we didn't get much done, but he did get two cedars dug up and replanted that had come up under the cherry tree.

Oh what a lazy life some have!  Milo sleeping at my feet.  He doesn't mind the birds coming and going at all,  as long as they leave him alone.  

Thanks for listening to my rambling. 
 Hope everyone has a Blessed Day!



  1. Aww...just look at Milo - what a cutie! My Rosie-Girl was in this same position earlier :) Your photos are lovely and I enjoyed your cute rabbits.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    Love and hugs.

  2. Sylvia, what a pretty bird feeder! Beautiful pictures of your world!

  3. YOu've been busy!

    Love the post seeing all your nature around you.

    My kitty doing exactly that, too though he is an indoor only cat - all he does is eat, sleep, pooh and SHED - so much hair it's difficult to keep it mopped up when they're "shedding" it for the hot summer months.

  4. I love all the beauty in your garden. I especially love the big birdhouse in the picture with the doves.

  5. You have such a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing with us. Glad you got some rain. We need more. I just came inside from watering my plants. Our soil is so sandy here that things just don't stay wet for long. And it has been in the 90's here everyday too. I'm already longing for fall! My favorite month!
    Enjoy your birds and flowers and bunnies. Oh, have you tried Safflower seed? That is what I use and the squirrels do not like it. The birds seem to love it, however! I know they'd prefer sunflower seeds, but the squirrels just hog it all and the birds don't get much. So, I figure the safflower is a better least the birds have a chance that way!

    Thank you for sharing a walk around your yard with us. I loved it. Bye for now.

  6. I really love your garden!!

    That was a big storm that we had but as you say, the day after make it worth it...GORGEOUS blue sky with fluffy white clouds and a nice breeze!!

    Is it just me, or the hydrangeas prettier THIS year than ever before? Perhaps they liked the cooler spring and the rain, I know that I did!!


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