Monday, July 15, 2013

Peace Garden

"Peace, I leave with you; my peace I give you"
John 14:27 NIV


Last Friday my family had a scare.  My daughter and her family had been vacationing in Tennessee  and Helen, Ga.  They had rented a cabin outside Helen to spend the last few days with my son-in-laws Father and stepmother.  Friday morning I got a call from my daughter that her hubby had a heart attack and was in the hospital in Gainesville.  They had to go in and put a stint in his main artery.  They told him had he not got there when he did that it would have been massive. Praise God he's O.K. and home now.  The rest of the family all drove up on Saturday to be there for them.  I stayed the night with my daughter at the cabin where they were staying while the others left for home.  

It was a peaceful place but hard to get to since it was on the side of a mountain next to the Chattahoochee River.

At the hospital there was a Peace Garden, with beautiful flowers, scrubs, and water features.

This is a stump water fountain.

Can you believe Pic Monkey didn't save any of my edited pictures! So my name isn't on any of these, I did take the photo's. I didn't notice it until I was half finished.  Here is my grandson and myself sitting in the Peace Garden.




  1. Praise the Lord that your son-in-law is okay! The picture of you and your grandson is precious and the Peace garden at the hospital is just lovely!

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Love and hugs!

  2. Oh I am so sorry - how SCARY- Praise be to the Lord he is okay - that is NOT how to vacation.

    What a beautiful view of the river, though- wow - and a Peace Garden, h ow unique!

  3. Sylvia, I am go glad your son-in-law was able to make it to the hospital in time! The Peace garden is beautiful! Wonderful picture of you and your grandson! What an unexpected event in such a beautiful place.

  4. Thank you for posting these pictures, and for the information that your son in law is ok. We are praying for him and trusting the Lord to bring healing to his heart and body. So thankful this story had a happy ending.
    Beautiful pictures! Such lovely country up there...we used to live in Gainesville, GA, so I remember how beautiful it is. I don't remember that hospital, but I don't know that I ever went to the hospital while living there! That's a good thing!
    Blessings to you all today.

  5. Thankd Ladies, Scott is doing better, God is good!
    Pamela, the hospital is new, so I was told. It is
    very pretty and Scott said they treated him good.It
    is the Northeast Geaorgia Medical Center, on Spring St.


  6. So glad your Son in law is alright. Such a hard thing to go through. Beautiful pictures!
    Praying for your family,


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