Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tea with the Queen !

Today I had Tea with the Queen!  Yes, really! Queen Elizabeth. Well, I did have tea, while she was only in a magazine.  A Tea Sister and friend for several years, had spent a couple weeks in England and Scotland recently.  She was having a fun time visiting tea rooms and roaming around the beautiful English countryside but she thought of me.  I received a package from her in the mail.  A magazine called " Majesty", along with it was several tea bags she bought in Scotland. So here are pictures of  my "Tea with the Queen".

Oh yes, and Kate was there also.
(and Harry)

 This is the magazine.

May not be appropriate tea for a Queen, but I enjoyed it.  I had 'Heather' tea from Scotland and vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers crumbled on top, while I enjoyed looking at the Majesty magazine.

These are the teas my friend sent me.  Don't know which one I'll like best.  That means more (tea with the Queen) Tea Parties!


 Last page of magazine.

Back cover of Magazine.

This will be a keep sake for sure.

Hope you enjoyed our tea!



  1. How wonderful to have tea with the Queen. What a thoughtful friend.

  2. You have a thoughtful friend, Sylvia. It looks like a lovely magazine and your tea and pudding are perfect with it. Enjoy your tea, my friend.


  3. Delightful! Thank you for inviting us to tea with the Queen! What a treat!!! I enjoyed sharing these moments with you! Have a blessed day!

  4. What a lovely tea with the Queen :) I thoroughly enjoyed myself on your sweet blog, dear friend.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Much love!

  5. Oh Sylvia, tea with the Queen! Great post and wonderful pix. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Majesty magazine is one I like to thumb through while waiting in line at the grocery store. It has excellent photos of the royals and their events. Your tea while reading the magazine sounds like fun and I find the Heather appealing.
    Last year our daughter brought back tins of tea from Harrods for me while they were in England and I'm just about out. I keep hinting for more, but they don't have another trip to Europe on the horizon.
    Enjoy all your varieties of tea.

  7. A very special tea with the Queen and Kate. Very nice keepsake.

  8. Dear Sylvia,
    Such a nice way to spend time having tea with the queen.. with your lovely magazine.
    The tea your friend sent looks very interesting. I would try the heather tea first..
    A very nice post.
    wishing you a happy weekend

  9. I've never seen those teas before but I guess if you are having tea with the Queen you should have a special treat. The pudding looks yummy too!

  10. What a kind friend!
    You did have tea with the Queen! lol! That looks like a great magazine...and tea too! Heather tea sounds interesting....don't know what I would expect from it.
    Tea and a good magazine is a perfectly relaxing summer thing to do : )


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