Monday, October 28, 2013


Fall is still in the air but it is feeling a lot like winter in the early mornings.  Hubby and I have been working in the yard and rebuilding the porch to his shop.  We moved the swing from the back porch and hung it between two trees. 

 Milo was so excited he ran up the tree when we had finished hanging it.

We are enjoying sitting in it when we are outside.  

Of course he had to help us bring  everything out of the shop so we could organize it when we put it back inside.

This is  after we rebuilt the porch. It was 8ft. x 16ft.  We rebuilt it to 4ft x 8ft.  I have  placed some more mums on the porch since I took these photo's.  As you can see there is more yard work to be done.

I put a window planter with mums under the window.

I had to decorate the shop with "Pic Monkey" along with my pot of mums.

Afterwards I made myself a cup of Orange Pekoe Tea and had a sugar cookie with sprinkles on it and used my scarecrow plate, for the child in me. 

Have a Blessed Fall Day!

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  1. Nice, Syl!

    And I absolutley adore Milo's pic- he looks awesome on the tree like that - seldom stay long enough to capture a pic, that's fun!


  2. A lovely Autumn post Sylvia.
    Milo certainly enjoyed helping you.
    The patio looks very nice now.

  3. Ahhhh, you have been busy around home. That's why you have not had a post, in 5 days. I fear I'd have commented on your last post, to ask if all was well, if you didn't post soon. Yes, I am one of those worry-ing bloggers. :-)

    Lovely pics. Good work done. Yummy rewards. And what a simply beeeeeautiful cat you have.


  4. I like your sense of play here.
    What fun!

  5. Hi Sylvia. What a fun post! I am your newest follower- I like that you have a child in you-so do I . Hope you have a good afternoon. xo Diana

  6. Awww...look at Milo! I love it :) Your photos are so fun to look at, Sylvia. I hope your day is going well. Love ya!

  7. Such wonderful fall fun! Thank you for letting "play" with you! I love the way you have decorated the shop/porch...and I dearly love your swing. I am trying to convince my carpenter son to build me one. You have inspired me to do some more fall decorating outside...if I can find the time and energy. Thank you for sharing with us today. Wish I were out playing in the leaves today instead of at work.

  8. O, my...what an adorable shop he has. Mr. Sweet is going to build a work shop here at our new home. We have to wait to get the money from the sale of our house...closing is the 12th of Oct.
    We are sooo anxious to get it all behind us.
    xo bj

  9. What a sweet picture of Milo up the tree and helping you! I love the big swing! Nothing beats time on a big swing. The shop IS adorable! I know it makes you feel good that it is organized. Have a great Halloween! Here comes the rain!

  10. I am having a good catch up on your blog this morning : )
    Your decorations are great, and I love your swing. I would love one outside like that!


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