Monday, February 10, 2014

Girls Valentine Tea

Come, let us have some Tea and continue to talk about happy things. Chaim Potok

We thank You, Lord, for blessings 
You give us on our way;
May we for these be grateful, 
And praise You every day...

"Spread Love everywhere you go; First of all in your own house...let no one come to you without leaving better and happier."
..Mother Teresa

Saturday afternoon I gave my girls their annual Valentine Tea. It's my gift to them. I wasn't feeling too well but nothing was going to take away the time I was going to have with them.. the days go by so swiftly and they all grow up and have their own lives to live. I cherish every moment. We all had a great time together.

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."
Henry James

I used these cupcake papers that I found at Michael's a few years ago.  They are so pretty I don't want to use them, but thought this was a prefect time and occasion, (my girls deserve the best).
Red Velvet Cupcakes

And what's a tea without Teacup cookies!
Iced Sugar Cookies

Toasted Pecan Scones
Chicken Salad croissants
Honey Ham and Swiss Sliders
Piggy's in the blankets
Lemon curd

Pink chocolate covered marshmallows
Iced Teacup Cookies
Red Velvet cupcakes

Fruit Cup with Strawberries,red grapes
and Banana slices with fresh whipped cream.

Blueberry Lemon Herbal Tea

Honey Ham and Swiss Sliders

I got the recipe for the sliders on Pinterest, they are really good.


Have a Blessed Valentine Day!


  1. Dearest Sylvia, your Valentine Tea for your girls is so lovely! And your food has my mouth watering :) I am sure your girls were richly blessed by your party and your sweet time together.

    I hope you, my dear friend, are feeling better! You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you much love!

  2. This is a really, really lovely tea time that you gave your family. I know they must adore you. I do hope you are feeling better and I see Sandi has her tea link up now so I better get mine done quick! What wonderful food you planned. The cookies are a delight for the eyes and I am sure tasted the same.

  3. Your tea party is lovely! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Oh all of your treats look so amazing! What a fun tea party!!

  5. A lovely tea party Sylvia. I love your teapot cookies with the red hearts. I wish I had one with tea right now.

  6. Oh, yummy! What a wonderful and fun tea party. Everything looks lovely. Love the pink teapot! Happy Tea Day!

  7. What lovely, yummy treats you have prepared!!

  8. Hello Sylvia,
    What a lovely tea party you have hosted for your loved ones! Everything looks simply splendid and I'm certain everyone enjoyed the tea and the company. Wonderful treats and teapot! Thank you for joining me for tea today and I hope you are feeling better too.

    Blessings & hugs,

  9. Wonderful ideas for a special tea. the teacup cookies are my favorite. Glad you had your girls for a lovely time to treasure. You certainly had some yummy and beautiful treats to share. Have a great Valentine's Day!


  10. We absolutely do appreciate and adore you mama:) always a blessing to have our "girl" time!
    Love you!

  11. Sylvia, Your cupcakes and cookies look so pretty. What a nice tea party you put on for your family!

  12. Hi Sylvia,

    I'm loving your tea party my friend! Those red velvet cupcakes look delicious and so pretty in those paper cups! Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Sylvia, you put together a delightful tea party for your girls. Everything looks so yummy and I love the pink teapot.

  14. What a wonderful gift of a tea party you gave your girls! Family is so special and I know you cherish every moment with them. Your cookies are decorated so beautifully. You really have talent in making them. Thanks for sharing your special tea!

  15. That looks so delightful. The cookies turned out perfectly! I KNOW your girls felt honored and cherished. You are such a wonderful Grandma!

  16. What a treasure you are! So glad you got to have this time with your family. And it looks like you had a lot of fun. And the food.... Oh my, it all looks so yummy! I love the tea cup cookies! So precious!

    I hope you are feeling better!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Sylvia!


  17. Sylvia- What a wonderful, wonderful party you have going on there! I LOVE those teacup cookies...they are the cutest things ever. Your food all looks delicious and I bet the girls are just overwhelmed and feel pampered and spoiled by you. xo Diana

  18. Hi Sylvia: Love those cookies! Your tea is wonderful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  19. Thank you for this lovely post Sylvia.
    Nothing better than tea to warm up ..and have a get together.
    You set a lovely table for your girls. Your goodies look and sound divine.
    Happy valentine to you too. xxx val

  20. All the treats look yummy, especially the teacup cookies!

  21. Hi Syl- so sorry I have been absent. Lots going on, soon will share.

    Posted some good news in my teatime post today. ♥

    So glad you enjoyed your special time with your girls - you are right about time flying. Sorry you aren't feeling well, hope it passes soon and you get well super fast. Hugs.

  22. The teacup cookies are adorable. You are right. The time goes by much too fast!


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