Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Ice Storm

 Well here we are again, a couple weeks ago I did a post on Georgia's Snow Storm.  Now for the last couple of days we have been in an Ice Storm.  I woke up this morning with a beautiful winter scene.  I ventured out early, around 7 A.M., to take some photo's.

This is ice on the Pine tree. I captured a falling snowflake on the left.

Yes it was early.  This is snow falling.

 This is the snow from a couple weeks ago.

This is ice in the birdbath. Poor birds can't get there water. There are lots of birds in the trees in my yard.

I used to have a black roof.

All this is ice, we didn't get much snow where I live south of Atlanta.

I put my hand behind the ice so you can see it isn't melting and I'm touching it.

Looking forward to Spring, I'm told it's only 40 days away! Yay!

Stay warm and Safe!


  1. This is exactly why we bail out of N GA and stay in W Palm Beach all winter now! Beautiful, but tooo cold for me...

  2. It looks beautiful, but I know it is treacherous...on the roads as well as damaging the trees, etc. But your pictures were great! It shows there can be beauty even in things that aren't so wonderful, if we just look for it. Thank you for sharing these. I enjoyed them!! Glad you are safe and warm inside now.

  3. Hi dearest Sylvia! That first photo took my breath away! It's amazing how such beauty can be so dangerous! I hope you are staying safe and warm, sweet friend!

    Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day...or evening :) Love to you!

  4. Wow! What beautiful pictures! It sounds like you are getting some of that polar blast weather. I hope you stay warm and safe and off the roads. Spring is coming, just hold on!

    It's been rather windy with massive dirt here on the plains of Colorado. I am so very thankful for a calm Monday. My boys are enjoying the sunshine and playing outside today.

    I hope you have a glorious week!

    Blessings and Grace,

  5. A beautiful winter wonderland. You have captured natures beauty magnificently. Thanks for visiting me. I do appreciate your sweet words.

  6. Oh my goodness, so much ice and snow. Your photos are lovely. I hope you stay warm and toasty.


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