Sunday, May 18, 2014

Counting My Blessings !

Today I'm counting my blessings, it's been a good week,  there's always blessings in the "not so good" times.  Having to drive Two and a half hours round trip every day for my Hubby's appointments is tiring, but necessary.   Our son-in-law let us borrow his camper this week, so we could stay nearby the doctors office's and not have to drive every day. That was a blessing indeed!

 It was really nice and quiet most of the time.

The boaters got out early also.

 Each morning I would go outside with my cup of tea, watch the sun come up over the water and  admire God's handiwork.

 I love the outdoors and nature's little creatures. Watching them is soothing. Early in the morning the ducks would come swimming by to say hello.


This was the prettiest woodpecker I've ever seen, but he wouldn't get close or stay in one place but a minute at a time. He (or she) was red, black and white.


 There were lots of boats over the weekend but during the week just a few.

The ducks wanted to come for  food  a visit, but Madi said, "NO WAY!"  She ran them back into the water.

We're home now and we'll start over tomorrow, a new day and a new week. He's doing good and we're praying for a break some this week.  



  1. Happy Sunday to you, Sylvia. What a blessing it was to be able to camp in such serene surroundings. I am glad your hubby is doing good with his treatments. Let's pray they are soon behind you. GREAT pictures here!!!! xo Diana

  2. wonderful good news!!!!

    this is a quick comment, as i am catching up with blogs, after our trip to our "grand's" graduation from university.

    gentle hugs,

  3. So glad you got to camp there-your photos are beautiful! Praying for your and your husband.

  4. I enjoyed every blessing you shared here. I love seeing the Lord in many ways even for hard times.I learn about that though.
    Thanks for sharing Sylvia I hope you have a wonderful weeek.


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