Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Gift

  1. bear with me, my children gave me a Table for Mother's Day.  I am sitting at the hospital with my husband trying to learn how to use it now. this is the long day for us.  He is talking with another patient, and that helps to past time. My daughter is with us today.   Hope to get better with using the tablet.
  2. Have a Blessed day!
  3. Sylvia


  1. oh how cool! a new-fangled tablet! :-)))) i'm sure your daughter will help you learn.

    but i wish you luck. if you are like me, ("techy-challenged" -grin-), it will take a while. just enjoy the learning and the trying. look on it, as a new toy, to play with. :-)

    best wishes to you and your husband!!!

    gentle hugs,

  2. I know you will love the tablet once you get into it. My daughter just gave me a smart phone. The phone sort of calls people by itself if you bump it, and it has a camera and I took a picture of my foot. But the phone and me are becoming fast friends.
    Prayers for you and your husband, Love, Barb

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your precious family...and take lots of pictures!


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