Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Flowers

April showers brings.....
May Flowers!

With all the rain and cool weather in April, it was good for all the plants.  I have been enjoying time outside working in my flower beds....but not enjoying all the sore joints in my body afterwards!
 Here is where I started with a new bed, it was just outside my patio and didn't grow grass too good...so
I turned it into a flower bed.

This is it finished .
oops didn't get the blocks straight!

I found this large butterfly at Hobby Lobby back in March on sale.

 Roses are one of my favorites.

Love the Japanese Iris in all it's color and glory!

Always have to include a teacup, even if I can't drink from it!


The Angel Trumpet is coming up, I really do have it planted too close to my Knock Out Roses, just have to keep it cut back away from it as it grows.

Hostas  doing good!

These are the Daylilies from my Mother's garden, when she passed away, my sisters and I got some.
They grow pretty each year.

I had a few visitors while I worked, they are always welcomed! 
The Brown Thrasher is the Georgia State Bird and the Cardinal loves to feed on the Safflower seeds.
Can you see the Lizard on the fence?
Here's a closer look,

Have a Blessed Day
Enjoy all of God's gifts! 



  1. Hello Sylvia~
    Your garden is looking so inviting and beautiful! And what lovely photos. I do see the lizard on the fence. What wonders God has created. I just love seeing the little critters around the yard and garden :) Have a blessed day!

    Tamara <3

  2. How lovely everything looks in your garden! I imagine it smells wonderful too!

  3. So pretty around your home Sylvia. I love all the cute little add ins. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. What a lovely garden, Sylvia...and you are right...the weather here in NC has been really amazing too!

  5. Your garden is so beautiful! It takes a bit longer here to get things up and growing! Guess I'll have to be patient.

  6. You have a beautiful, beautiful garden and a 'green thumb' for sure! lol Thanks for sharing them here. I know what you mean about being sore after doing all that....me too! And I just washed the front porch..lol

  7. What a lovely garden. Roses are my favorite along with Hostas.

  8. Sure is lookin alive and pretty over there at your gardens, Syl!

    Of course you know I love your teacup stuff......but that well-captured picture of the lizard is just too much! : - )

  9. Sylvia, thank you for such a lovely garden tour! The flowers are gorgeous. LOVE the little teacups!

  10. such a lovely garden you have, pretty flowers and wonderful visitors, fun butterfly to add to it!

  11. My sweet friend, you have such a beautiful garden! You make me want to come over, sit by your lovely flowers, and enjoy a nice long visit with you :)

    Thank you, dear Sylvia, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I love having you at the party!

  12. A lovely post, I love your garden where the grass wouldn't grow.


  13. A lovely post, I love your garden where the grass wouldn't grow.


  14. Pretty flowers and lovely garden images.. I love the pretty butterfly and the Brown Thrasher. Great post, have a happy day!

  15. I love your garden photos. Roses are my favorite too, followed by geraniums.

  16. I love the redo in your garden and of course - a teacup must always be present! I have a large teacup set just like yours with flowers in them as well - so fun!

  17. Love your new look on the blog page...and also the walk in the garden with you. Love your flowers and daylilies. Have a blessed and glorious Mother's Day!

  18. It looks just wonderful Sylvia, love all the flowers I have real teacups all over that got chipped etc. I even have broken old plates. wishing you a Happy Mother's Day with love Janice

  19. Dear Sylvia
    Such a beautiful post. Your new flower patch looks lovely now. You have some nice flowers there.
    love the tea pot and cup..
    I can imagine that with your climate there, the flowers grow really well.
    Like me, you are a rose lover too.
    happy weekend valxxx


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