Monday, May 25, 2015

Patio Tea and Roses

My roses are doing so good this year,
it must be due to all the rain we've been
getting and maybe by cutting them back
in the early spring, helped too.

 I am really enjoying them. I cut a few and
made an arrangement for my tea on the Patio.

 Last year they had single petals, but this
year look how many there are on that rose.

 I was in Hobby Lobby the other day,
   looking for material to cover my dining room chairs, look what I found!

 I didn't get any fabric for my chairs, but I did 
buy this.

 I was so excited.
 I got a yard to use as a table cloth.
Maybe I should have gotten more! huh!
It would make pretty throw pillows.

 These nice days with warm air and a cool breeze, 
I sat up my tea on the patio.

I love to eat at Panera Bread, while there (the day 
I found the fabric) I bought some extra scones 
to bring home with me.

Blueberry, Triple Berry, Orange, and an
Apple Cinnamon Muffin. 
That muffin was so good I couldn't wait to
take a bite out of it.

My hubby loved the Orange Scone the best, so
he got them.

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Your roses are gorgeous ~ they sure looked pretty on your tablescape. A lovely setting for a cup of tea!

  2. Very pretty Roses, mine aren't doing so good.. I think the dirt isn't good enough.. so I believe I need to fertilize them.. I love love the fabric.. it's adorably cute.. Happy Monday with love Janice

  3. Your roses are beautiful, and I love the tablecloth. It frames the tea and scones. I would pick the orange one too, but am sure they were all tasty!

  4. Your roses are beautiful and I love Panera Bread. Their desserts are the best. Your tablecloth is lovely and perfect for tea. Have a wonderful day... :)

  5. Such a lovely tea time, Syl - and I adore your new fabric made into a tablecloth - makes such a pretty background for your lovely roses and china. I am just now getting the red leaves that turn into buds on my roses. We cut them way back in early spring too and it looks as though that's just what they needed. I am excited as we learn to become better gardeners and see results fast.

    Hope you had a nice holiday weekend. Have a great one going forward too.

  6. Your roses are beautiful, your fabric is delightful and the scones look delicious. I've never heard of all those flavours for scones before.


  7. your roses and table are beautiful! the scones and muffin look pretty darn good too!!!

  8. Beautiful roses-such a pretty shade of red! Your new fabric will become such a nice tea time tablecloth. I love of Panera too. Their strawberry chicken salad is delicious. Have a wonderful week, Nora

  9. Even your Subject Line, is pretty!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just imagine how must a florist would charge for a dozen of your gorgeous roses! Also love your new pretty tea-themed tablecloth!

  11. I LOVE your new tea cloth...that is really beautiful...and the roses are gorgeous! That all looks so must really have fun decorating for your tea time. I enjoy the results! Thank you for sharing them with us. Such a pleasant escape for me for a few minutes!!

  12. Oh, your roses, how lovely!
    And that pink teapot just makes me drool, let alone all those yummy scones and muffins! xx

  13. Beautiful roses. Rain has made them to blossom so good. All the dishes looks yummy good...

  14. Hi Sylvia, what a beautiful post. Your roses are gorgeous. Look at those yummy sconces. You picked a delicious variety.
    I adore your pink teapot. Wishing you a lovely and blessed day.
    Hugs, CM

  15. Nice to meet you, Sylvia! Love this beautiful blog. I am a Mom now and want to be a Grandma of Blessings one day too. :)

  16. Wonderful fabric and stunning roses. I love roses, they are my favorite flower. Yours are incredible.

  17. You set a beautiful tea, I would love to sit and enjoy tea (and those delicious looking pastries!) for awhile. Your roses are stunning!

  18. Your roses are beautiful ! I do love that fabric !

  19. Ohhhh, I just love the fabric, my friend! It's perfect for a tablecloth :) And those roses...absolutely stunning! I can almost smell their sweet fragrance.

    Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  20. Hi Sylvia,

    So lovely to meet you!

    What a beautiful teascape you'e set with your pretty roses, delectable sweets and lovely fabric. It all looks so inviting and charming. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy weekend!


  21. I thought I had left a comment on this post. I guess not. Anyway- that fabric is GORGEOUS!!! I just love it...and your tea and scones look wonderful! Love that you have such beautiful roses, too. I don't have any here this year. xo Diana


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