Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A True Friend and Neighbor

I have a new neighbor and friend!
How many neighbor's on the first time
you meet would start helping you
weed your flower beds??

About 2 and a half months ago we
got new neighbor's next door, after
the house had been empty for about
2 years. I prayed for a nice neighbor
around our age and my prayers were
answered and then some. What a Blessing!!
  She even offered to come over and feed
Milo while we were in Florida on vacation!
Yes, on the first day we met!

Now this is a true friend! Not that I was wanting
someone to help with my yard work,it's just that
we both enjoy working outside. 
The family that lived there before were young and had children.

 SEE I told you, here she is encouraging me along
to do yard work I've been putting off for years, yes
She asked me a couple weeks ago if I wanted the
 ceder tree in my front yard limbed up. 
Yes, for a long time now! 
So one night last week she text me and said she'd be over at 8 the next morning.
She was and with her she brought her pressure washer!
Oh No, she really was going to work ME!

Here you can tell (on the Left) how the limbs touched the ground. On the right is after. Look
how bad the sidewalk needed cleaning. (that was next)!

 You can see from this photo the sidewalk looks so much better.  We worked for 4 hours and was so tired. Pressure washed the porch,sidewalk and the front of the house! 

 Hubby did take off the limbs and picked up under the tree. Uh oh, looks like he needs to wash the lawn mower now. Maybe we should have pressure
washed it.

Here is my elephant ears and Hosta bed.

The Hosta is always so big and pretty, but I do need
to thin them out next spring. The red flower is Bee Balm, the hummingbirds love it!

 Oriental Lilies
They smell so sweet!
Crape Myrtle
Look at that 'big' bloom on that limb!

Look how much my "America" climbing rose has climbed! I can't wait until the arbor is covered and in full bloom. I love the color.

When the Wisteria first bloomed, there was a cold
snap and it killed the blooms, now it is blooming again!

At the driveway door, I have two pots of this 
Moss Rose on each side. I have lots of it planted
since it is a favorite of mine.

I moved my fairy from the flower bed and put
her on the bird bath, the glass ball glows at night,
maybe the birds can see how to bathe now,after I put more water in it!

Someone told me or I read it somewhere that if
you put moth balls in your flower beds it would 
keep the pets out. Well I don't know but we'll
see if it works, Milo wants to use it for one Big litter box!

My Day Lilies have never been this pretty!

I love my Knock Out Roses, but it's hard to keep the stinky Japanese beetles off them this year. I get
out every morning and catch them before they wake and knock them into a bucket of sudsy water. I know it sounds cruel but they ruin the roses!

I had to tie up the Iceberg Rose bush,
it was hanging too far out and it was hard
to walk by it. It is almost as tall as the 

Yes, even Hubby's tomato's are doing good, with
all the rain we have been getting and it's suppose 
to rain today also.

Honestly, I didn't intend to be so long, but it is
the last day of June. Maybe now we can relax and
enjoy the rest of the summer!
Oh, maybe not, yard work is like housework it never ends!

Have a Blessed Day,


  1. What a blessing your new neighbor is! Everything looks beautiful-I need to get to work on ours!

  2. Hi Sylvia, I enjoyed your post and photos so much. So thankful that the Lord answered your prayers of a good neighbor/friend. I enjoyed seeing your pretty home and yard. I love bee balm and its sweet fragrance. You and your neighbor will have to slow down and enjoy an iced tea on your front porch one of these days.

  3. Sounds like your new neighbor is such a nice person! Your garden looks very pretty. I love the fairy in the bird bath :-)

  4. Wow Sylvia. What a difference the tree is.
    You are so so lucky to have such a lovely neighbor. God has blessed you.
    You have a very big garden. It looks like a park.
    Indeed there is always something to do in the garden, love your fairy in the bird bath.
    wishing you a happy week.
    Thanks for your kind wishes for my recovery.. so appreciated.
    love val xxx

  5. A neighbor who spurs you on, to do necessary yard work. And is helpful. :-) A gem. You are lucky, to get a nice gal like this.


  6. It's all so lovely Sylvia..And I love your fairy in the birdbath. What a blessing to have a neighbor that is so friendly and helpful!
    Your hostas are gorgeous. Mine is just now getting ready to bloom and it is very big this year. Honestly, here in the AZ. mountains, I never thought it would grow to that size. Your tree looks very nice. It made such a difference. It sounds like you're enjoying your summer. Good for you. Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing your garden inspiration. :)


  7. How lucky you are to have a wonderful new neighbor! I know mine but we are not friends....that would be so nice. Thanks for showing us your flowers, they are beautiful!

  8. You have such a beautiful yard and so nice to have a new friend to help you enjoy it.

  9. LOL- Wow! Not sure if that is a friendly neighbor or belongs to "Yard Workers Union". Glad you got so much done. It really does just take that BOOST to get us going sometimes. How great that you have a good new neighbor. That is wonderful!!! We are finally getting rid of one that was NOT so wonderful. They finished packing the truck up yesterday. I felt like sending up fireworks as they (and their yapping dog) pulled out of the driveway. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July, Sylvia. xo Diana

  10. OOOPS- Forgot to say---Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! Just beautiful!

  11. How wonderful!!! Such fun to have such a great neighbor and new friend! I am so happy for you. Your yard looks so nice now...(it already did, but even better now!) Thank you for sharing. That makes me happy to hear that there are still such wonderful neighbors out there. What a blessing!!

  12. Your garden is lovely and having someone to motivate and help you is wonderful. Enjoy your week.


  13. Your garden is lovely and having someone to motivate and help you is wonderful. Enjoy your week.


  14. Oh, Sylvia - I am so happy you have such an amazing neighbor - my goodness, she'll keep you young and in shape, huh?
    Good for the both of you!

    Your garden is looking wonderful - and no, no, no killing Japanese Beetles is NOT cruel!!!!! They don't belong here at all.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. Oh my, your yard is so pretty. Everything is so green and healthy looking. I know it's a lot of work sometimes but the end results is so pretty. I love rose moss too, I used to always have several pots of it around my deck. I can relate to wanting a good neighbor, close in age. I had a similar situation a few years ago. The Lord decided to give me very young neighbors instead but at the same time He brought 5 old friends together and we formed a group we named, GLOW~God Loves Older Women. We meet once a week for lunch, prayer and great fellowship. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Don't work too hard in your pretty yard! Friendly Blessings..

  16. A good neighbor is certainly a blessing. Mine often brings my garbage to the front of the house for me from the curb. Love the photos of your garden and yard. Have a blessed day.

  17. Dearest Sylvia, what a sweet and precious neighbor! You are indeed blessed to have her in your live as a neighbor and friend. Your yard is quite lovely, my friend!

    Hugs to you!

  18. Such a beautiful yard and garden. So happy for you to have a new neighbor that is a friend as well. Everything looks as lovely as can be.

  19. I love your garden, so like mine when I lived in Ohio. Not so here in Florida. I am happy to see you name the Moss Rose. I never knew what a Moss Rose was, I've seen it so often but never knew the name.

  20. Your garden is lovely Sylvia and you are lucky to have a new neighbour who likes to garden and has become a friend.

  21. Wow Sylvia, what a wonderful new neighbor and friend! Your yard looks so pretty and I love your darling porch.


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