Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Flowers

I enjoy working in my flower beds 
and then seeing the results.
It is getting so hot these days that I
can't spend much time outside.
It has been 100 degrees the last few days.

Here is a few photo's of my flowers.

Every year I have to put tomato  plants in
my flower bed for my hubby! They're
doing too great!

There are more but I'll save them for 
another day.

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Lovely!

    Beebalm attracts butterflies or hummingbirds.... One or the other. :-) My daughter in law next door, has a lot of it.

    A few tomato plants. Yes. I have finally convinced my husband that he need not try to plant and cultivate other veggies. Just some tomatoes. Less work, for us olden folk. :-)


  2. Everything looks so beautiful and lush Sylvia :0) thank you for sharing... mari

  3. Neat photos Sylvia. When it's that hot , please use caution when outside. That kind of heat can be dangerous. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. It must be special to walk around your yard and enjoy all those beautiful flowers. Your 'green thumb' is surely showing! lol

  5. You truly have a beautiful garden filled with so many beautiful flowers and plants. I love the addition of the little fairy and the bunny too. My flowers are just starting to come alive. We are expecting 70's for the week. Not too hot and not too cold. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Look forward to seeing more and the tomato's too.

  6. Good Afternoon, Your flowers are so pretty. It is 100 here today too. I especially love your bee balm; do you have hummingbirds to visit? The Angel's Trumpet is another fav. What color is your plant? I have seen white, peach, and yellow. The tomatoes will be delicious on a sandwich!

  7. I love your pretty garden Sylvia. It looks like a very peaceful space but the 100 degree temperatures certainly make it impossible to enjoy.

    I hope you get cooler weather so that you can play in your lovely garden.


  8. You have such pretty flowers, Sylvia! My flowers are way behind in blooming. It has been so cool and wet here. Yours are lovely to look at! a beautiful garden you have. I could use some of your hot weather!

  9. This heat is brutal!!
    I love your pretty garden. Do you have a hummingbird feeder? I bet they visit your garden already. xx

  10. Your gardens are pretty Sylvia, such a welcoming patio area and an adorable fairy.

  11. Your flowers are so pretty. I used to have lots of flower beds but not any more. Like you I can't take the heat anymore. All my flowers are potted and on the porch, easier for me.

  12. You have a lovely garden, Sylvia! It has been that hot here too...I just want it to go away!!

  13. Those are such pretty flowers. You have a gorgeous garden. I love the bench and chair you put out there. It must be very nice to sit there and relax...well, when it's not too hot :-)

  14. Thank you for asking what's going on with the house behind us! N-o-t-h-i-n-g!!!! (Link to my posts, on this 'House-Sold' saga)

    It is still a mess. Plus there are now holes, here and there. One in front of our house, and it has been there for some time. Holes connected with the water line, which runs across our property.

    She wants/needs an easement from us, for this water line. Lawyers are involved.

    Since this mess has been sitting here, for going on a year, we are tired of it. and she seems to be buying property around town, for flipping.

    She needs our easement. We are in the process of discussing with our lawyer, what our next move will be. I want to know, when this mess (in our neighborhood) will cease to be!!!! Among other things. Yish...

  15. Oooops, that click-able link did not take you just to my "House-Sold" label. Sorry....

  16. I enjoyed your lovely garden photos. Thank you for sharing them. It has been extremely hot here in FL too, and all I can do is get outside in the evening after the sun goes down behind the tall pines and water the flowers and pray they keep growing. It has been very dry in addition to the heat, so watering is a must. Looking forward to some cool breezes soon. Thank you for the garden tour. I loved it.

  17. Your yard and garden look great, Sylvia. Apparently they are liking the heat! I really love your seating area outside. Lovely!


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