Monday, December 7, 2015


I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Mine went with most of my children and grandchildren coming Saturday morning
 and helping me continue to pack for our move. Note to self, "Never again buy Nick Nacks"!
They got right in there and packed all the small 'stuff'. (It'll take me months to find anything)
I am so blessed to have smart and willing to help children and grandchildren, I'd never
make this move in time, without their help!
Then that afternoon hubby and I decided to
go see our granddaughter, Anna, march in
their town's Christmas parade.

 Anna's daddy, my S-i-L !

 Anna's brother, Aaron, 
got to love that sweet smile!

We sat across from the depot so we could see
good as the parade came by. And it was a 
great place to catch all the candy they threw

Here's the ROTC.
That 'ron man' is my grandson,Aaron!

There's the Marching Band, she's up front playing the flute! My camera is getting slow to 'snap' so I didn't get an up front photo of her. So cute in their Santa hats.

Here comes Santa! 
In these small country towns, Santa just rides on a float with the others.
 We enjoyed the day, and got back home in time to see the beautiful sunset, but I didn't get a photo of it.Wish I had.
I did decide I couldn't go another day without a Christmas Tree. I found this small one in our upstairs bonus room, although it doesn't look very straight. It will do for this year.

Now we are off we go to another appointment 
 Have a Blessed One!



  1. I love your pictures, I almost felt like I was there with you! The smile of a grandchild is one of the most heartwarming things in the world. Blessings on the beautiful day. Oh, and how wonderful your family is there to help with your move!

  2. Good Monday Morning, You are so fortunate to have children/grands kind enough to help you pack. I know that was very helpful to you! I love seeing your smiling family at the parade. Looks like a beautiful day. How wonderful that your granddaughter plays flute! God bless your day. xoxo

  3. Glad you got help with the packing. That is always a big job. Nice you found a Christmas Tree to put up and enjoy! Moving at this time of year would be difficult; trying to pack and all. Looks like you and your family had a special day to enjoy.

  4. Sweet hugs for you Sylvia. How stressful moving is in just normal times...but near the holidays it must be more so. So great of the family to help out. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  5. Your little tree is ever so charming, my friend :) And I am so glad you were able to put one up for the holidays. I hpoe all is going well.... You have been in my thoughts. Much love!

  6. I'm so glad in the midst of all your packing and planning for your big move that you were able to take some time out to enjoy LIFE! Your Granddaughter's Christmas parade is pretty special...and spending that time with family is priceless. Your little tree is cute and special. It will help you stay in the Christmas spirit while you pack and prepare for your lovely new home. So excited for you. Continuing to pray for you and your hubby's strength and health and peace of mind during this time. Blessings.

  7. Looks like a fun and productive weekend. Your little tree will be perfect to celebrate Christmas this year ... good practice for downsizing! It should be easy to pack after the holidays, too. Have a great week, Lady!

  8. At least you had some fun at the parade, after a day of packing, Sylvia! Thank heavens for your sweet family and all their help.
    I can't wait to see pictures of your new home that you found...exciting!!

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Sylvia! Packing, Parades and sunsets are a true delight if you ask me! I'm so glad to see you have a little tree. Everyone needs some Christmas Cheer while getting ready to move!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy


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