Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Yesterday, I was AWOL from blog-land!
My hubby and I both had doctor's appointments in another town. I usually drive when we go long distances and would you know it rained. I don't like to drive  in rain, especially on the interstate!  But praise the Lord we made it there safe (I was praying all the way) and back.

Tuesday we found our future home. 
 No, this isn't it, but I love the cute house and that big red barn!

 Don't you love the scene on this plate, I do and I would love to live there, maybe minus a little snow. Now I do love snow, but only a little at a time. I live in the south and we don't get much of that pretty white stuff.
Tuesday we went looking for our future home. We found a cute little house that was built in 1928 that has been completely updated. It's so perfect for us..2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Now it may take some getting use to downsizing from a 3 bedroom 2 bath home but I do love it. It sits on 1/4 acre, unlike our 2 acre yard. That grass should be fast and easy to cut!
 I will have to wait to show you photo's until we get in it. Praying before Christmas.

Now back to packing and waiting!

internet photo

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Sweet friend, are you back to blogging? How wonderful! I have missed you so much. And your blog looks so pretty and festive for the holidays.

    I hope the packing is going well. If I lived closer I would love to stop by and help you :) Love and hugs!

  2. Wishing you many blessings on getting the house, and that it all happens quickly. We are currently looking for a new home of our own and it can be exciting. That is a beautiful plate and I love the Red Barn.

  3. That plate is gorgeous, I'd love to set my table with those place settings...but I don't set a holiday table, b/c I use my table for my computer and even eating. good luck with your packing...not a particularly good time to do that. Hope things go smoothly for you.

  4. Hope you can move in soon and be settled by the holidays! I have the big platter and four of those plates on my dining room wall right now! I love them!

  5. Glad you've found your next home. I'll be thinking about you as you prepare for your move. Before Christmas?? Good luck!

  6. How wonderful your new home sounds, so happy for you! I'm anxious to see pictures when you can. Love your Christmas Header. Blessings!!

  7. The new home does sound perfect for two Sylvia, don't you think table top trees are the best for ease of storage and decorating?

  8. I am SO excited for you! I do hope you will be able to get in before Christmas! It sounds delightful! I know you will enjoy the fact that there is less lawn maintenance and one less bathroom to clean! Can't wait to see the pictures. In the meantime, take some time out to just enjoy the season. I know you have a deadline to meet, but take care of yourself and don't get over-stressed. I am sure your family will be helping. Praying for you to have a joyous and "smooth-move". Blessings to you and your family.


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