Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Afternoon in the Park

We spent most of the afternoon yesterday, with my sister and her husband. They wanted to go to the park in town where they live. I had a post-op appointment, with good results from my surgery last week, so we left shortly after it to pick them up at their house, and off to the Park we went.
That's my hubby on the left and my brother-in-law
on the right bench. (Don't know why they aren't sitting together).

The park is across from Mercer University in Macon, Ga. You can see some of the buildings
through the trees in the background.We found some benches in the shade and sat there watching the college students come and go and some where playing tennis nearby.
I hadn't been to this park since I lived here when my girls were young,we would take them there to play, but they don't remember.


 I love this fountain. It's sits right near the middle of the park.

 We sat near this tree in the shade of it and some other trees. I was amazed at it, so large with it's limbs spread out wide.
Wouldn't a swing be great hanging from it's branch!

 The pink dogwoods had already bloomed but we found a few blooms still lingering on it branches.


 We didn't know what to think of this!
I thought it looked like a small camper up on a pole.....what do you think....art work maybe.

 This is a beautiful tree with it's scraped looking trunk, no bark on it at all.

Let's find a shady bench and sit awhile longer and enjoy the birds singing, want you join me!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. so happy you got a good report from your surgery. the park looks so nice.

  2. You sure had a beautiful day to enjoy the park. What a perfect tree to have a picnic under :)

  3. So glad you are out and about again...and that looks like a wonderful place to spend a beautiful day with loved ones and friends. Thank you for inviting us along for the walk in the park. Delightful! Blessings to you my friend.

  4. I am so delighted to learn that your surgery went well, Syl. And a day in the park with family on a beautiful sunny day (in a park so beautiful as that one) is good for one's soul in recovery!

    That artwork - kindly weird and bleh, isn't it? No offense to the winning art student, but yeesh lol. Hugs.

  5. What a delightful place to spend an afternoon. The fountain is lovely.

  6. Looks like a wonderful day for the park!

  7. It looks like a lovely park, and I like the whimsical artwork. :-))

  8. Lovely photos. I am going to guess artwork for that strange trailer on stilts! Is there an art school in the nearby university?

  9. Your day at the park sounds so enjoyable. Your pictures were gorgeous.

  10. .. Hello Sylvia... so glad your surgery went well.. xxxx
    The park is gorgeous... I love the fountain... a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.. xxxx
    Have a great day ... hugs... Barb xxx

  11. So glad you got a good report from your surgery and you're doing so well. God is good! What a pretty place to enjoy an afternoon. Take care, sweet Lady.

  12. I'm so glad that your surgery check up went well. What a lovely afternoon afterwards. I am fascinated with the tree with no bark. Have a great day.

  13. Oh my dear, I am delighted to tell you that the tree with the scraped off bark is a...wait for it...a SYCAMORE tree! Yes, I am certain of it! You can look it up and see if I am right! I loved the tree for many years before I identified it...there is a huge one on the main street into Stone Mountain Village, on the way to Stone Mountain, and we have quite a few beside the rivers here in Rockdale County.
    I lived in Forsyth when I was a little girl and we used to go into Macon which was nearby!
    Hope you are better now!

  14. So glad you got a good report from your surgery. :)

    And what a delightful day out to the park. What a beautiful park. I think a picnic would have been perfect under that tree and a swing would have been awesome!

    Glad you had a great day!
    Hugs, Amy

  15. So thankful for your good dr. report.
    I have visited Macon before and it is such a pretty town. The campus there is lovely. I enjoyed your photos so very much. Yes, I would love to swing in the shade of that big tree!

  16. Would love to join you. I love just sitting at the park usually it is with the grands.. Your park looks wonderful love the trees. Glad you got a good report from the surgery.. With love Janice


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