Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tea and Coffee Bar

I have always wanted a place especially for my Tea and Coffee. This is what I came up with.
 It was an empty wall over a cabinet that holds the short but rather large hot water heater.

 My hubby likes instant coffee, so that's his, I don't care for it myself.


I love the black and white French Country look, with a touch of blue ,so that's what I am going for.


I always sit or stand and stare at the things I am doing and most times I have to go back and change something, so this may need a little something added or taken away. For now I'll just enjoy it.

Well I am off to visit my doctor for a check up !

Have a cup of Tea (or Coffee)
and a
Blessed Day!



  1. That looks really nice - pretty and functional!

  2. That looks so well organised, everything to hand.

  3. Sylvia, That seems the perfect spot for your coffee/tea bar. You may have to hang some pegs for cups. I like your colors too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Looks great! I love the hot and tea both!

  5. Your tea and coffee bar is perfect, my friend! Now if only I could come over for a cuppa {{smiles}}

    Love and hugs!

  6. I think it looks great, Sylvia! I have a little station for my tea and coffee too. It's nice to have it all in one spot when you want a cup! Wouldn't it be a hoot to have a cup together?!

    I hope you have a delightful day and a good report from your doctor!

    Hugs, Amy

  7. That looks very nice indeed. I am fortunate to have a nice cabinet for all my teas and coffee just above the coffee pot. I don't see how anybody could drink instant coffee! :-) I have to have fresh brewed.

  8. that looks really nice dear. hope you have a good check-up

  9. How very tidy and organized that is! It's fun to have a little spot that anyone could help themselves to. : )

  10. I hope your dr. checkup went well. I love the area you have created for tea and coffee. It looks just perfect to me. I admit that I love coffee much better than tea but I have several tea pots!

  11. .. Love you tea and coffee bar Sylvia.... I have one in my kitchen too... so handy having everything together .... xxxx.. hugs... Barb xxx

  12. How nice to have a lovely space for tea and coffee! I love it. How was your check up? Hope all is well.

  13. You did a wonderful job creating your coffee station, Sylvia. I have often thought about doing one and may just have to do it. :)

    I trust you are doing well?


  14. What a great little coffee bar you have set up! For Christmas, our son gave us a coffee maker that does both a regular basket for a whole pot or K-cups for a single serving....which is perfect for my hubby and me since he works away from home half the week. I drink only one cup in the morning and I thoroughly enjoy the K-cups!


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