Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finding Pokemon

There's a new craze going around. It's no longer finding Nemo or finding Dory. It's a game where you use your phone and go around everywhere and I mean  everywhere,  even in graveyards to find a "POKEMON"!

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Yesterday started out quiet, hubby and I drove to our favorite State Park (FDR) and was about to have lunch nearby when I got a phone call from my grandson..he wanted to know if his Papa and I wanted to go to Indian Springs State Park with them. Of course, even if we were an hour's drive west of were they were, and drive another hour east to the park.

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Now I love my grandkids and would do anything for them, well almost. Did I tell you that I LOVE my grandkids. We drove the hour to pick them up, well 3 of them, then another hour to Indian Springs. On the way we discovered the reason for this find Pokemon's..yep...remember I said 'even in grave yards'..... I learned the night before they had my daughter,Susan, take them to the Confederate grave yard a few miles from their house.


My sweet Morgan, doesn't play this game so she and I spent time together talking and taking photo's.

Now Papa did go down to the well where people come to fill gallons of jugs with the spring water,that is known to be healthy for you. This is where the Cherokee Indians came in the past, many years ago to get their water.
Morgan and I didn't want to walk down the  flight of stairs.

The boys, JC and Joshua, did find a few moments from the game to have fun with these pipes left here from some construction work. Each got at a end and hollowed into for them for a little while then I drove them all over the park seeking to capture more 'pokemon's'.

The lake was down a bit from it's normal level.

On to another area nearby!
Dauset Trails Nature Center

Papa,Morgan and myself sat in the air conditioned car while the boys walked the trails, looking for pokemon's. You see they show up on your phone (game app) as you walk.

They would say "stop grandma,here's one"!!
Now it seems you should be walking to capture one, so I would stop or slow down to a walking speed. Oh I did say that I would do ''anything'' for them. I think Papa was getting a little tired of this,but on we went.

I drove them all over High Falls State Park which is only a few miles from Indian Springs but in a different County.

 Finally after 2 hours they said they were hungry.
We took them to Wendy's!  After hamburger and Frosty's, it was time to take them home.

We really did enjoy our day,after all you can't miss having fun with grandchildren!

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And I did miss them! 
I even tried to get Morgan and JC to spend the night with us since their parents were off to Waco,Texas to celebrate their anniversary, and guess where they went.!!

Yes, that's Chip and Joanna Gaines!
If you watch HGTV you can't have missed there show "Fixer Upper".  My favorite show on HGTV. The show was there filming and they waved to them from the top of this building.  This is at Magnolia Market at the Silos..My daughter took this photo,and text it to us.  

Hope your Day is Blessed!




  1. That sounds like a fun day with the grands! Sadly this Pokemon craze is proving a real problem here in England, with folks running in and out of hospital departments, causing havoc in churches and cemeteries and generally having little respect for sacred places.

  2. What a fun day for you and the grandkids! fun ~ fun ~ fun! I miss those days, my grandkids are all grown up and either in college or already in the workforce. We still have great times when the family has a get-together, they are very entertaining young adults! How great for your daughter that Chip and Joana were there...and they got a picture! That's awesome! btw, enjoyed all your pics today.

  3. What an awesome Grandma you are. Grands are such blessings!

  4. Well it's funny that you mentioned the whole Find Pokemon thing - wow is it ever weird, eh? My husband was at a local state park teaching fencing (with huge swords) last night and they could barely find a place because the park was FULL of the Find Pokemon kids! He came home complaining about it just last night!Haha!

    That is so neat your daughter captured that Chip and Joanna picture - what great timing! We all love Chip and JoJo!!!!

    Big hugs! ♥

  5. You are a dedicated Grandma!

    :-) It's good to see.


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